Model selection? What ca did in the interview preparation

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “How did you prepare for the interview?” I will answer.

After I started working as a CA, I was asked what kind of interview preparations I had taken to an interview with someone I was aiming for as a CA. This time, I would like to share the interview preparation that I was actually conducting.

Corporate research

First of all, I used the Internet and SNS, and I did research on companies that were indispensable before the interview. On top of that, I was going the way I changed perspective a little bit.

My goal was to be a foreign airline, so at first I focused on getting to know the atmosphere, corporate style, nationality, and corporate philosophy of the crew I worked with. In addition, I studied the history of the company, its nationality, and the culture of the country.

■What I was thinking before the interview

For example, before the interview with a Chinese airline that I joined the first company, what I was thinking after collecting information,

“I’ve heard that foreign companies will recruit when there is a shortage of human resources, so I think they still need human resources right now.”

“I love the company and the country and I want to work here now!” I think it would be good if we could appeal that.”

“I’ve heard that there is a culture of respect for your people, just like in Japan, so let’s keep in mind the same behavior as interviews with Japanese companies.”

It was like that.

In the case of the second Middle Eastern airline, what I was thinking was

“Since we are an international company, let’s appeal a lot about overseas experiences such as study abroad, share houses, homestays, etc.”

“As a crew, it’s important to be able to have fun in any place and be flexible with different cultures.”

“Because it is a big company, there are many people who quit every day and people who come in. I’d rather have someone who can work as a ready-to-use force than other companies.”

“Based on our customer service experience and experience with our former airlines, we can also show that we have the confidence to get used to work quickly.”

It was that.

In the actual interview, I think that I was able to answer without panic by analyzing the company considering the company style.

■Health management

When I was doing corporate research, I noticed that the atmosphere of CA is completely different depending on the airline. I knew that there are various companies, such as companies where many people have a sly model body type and companies that have many healthy body types.

What I’ve noticed throughout some interviews is that ca interviews are all about looks and atmosphere. In the previous companies I received, there were places such importance on the look that weight measurement and photography were included in the selection process.

When I was working the CA exam, I wanted to be a person who would make the interviewer imagine that I was working on board in uniform. After that, I remember that I was confident in the interview by being careful about my health and stretching and muscle training every day.

■ Makeup and hairstyles

As mentioned above, I made interview preparations while thinking about how the interviewer could imagine working on board. The basis of my interview preparation for foreign companies is that they are evaluated as people who can be ready for action.

Since I was a student, I was not very interested in makeup and hairstyles, so when I started taking CA exams, I used to imitate my people I knew and go to interviews. Lol

However, I remember seeing the other test takers at the interview venue and feeling that I wouldn’t take this.

So, before the interview, I practiced at home to change my makeup and hairstyle to match the atmosphere of the airline. As a result, I think that the number of times I passed the selection gradually increased.

Of course, foreign-affiliated CA exams require skills such as English skills. However, I think it is more important to think calmly about what kind of people the company is recruiting wants to hire.

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