Is it better to go to airline school?

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Did you go to airline school?” I will answer.

I think that there are many people who are worried whether it is better to go to an airline school or not if they are aiming for CA. At that time, I was troubled and chose to go. This time, I would like to share my experiences about my airline school.

■Why I decided to go to airline school

Until I was about to graduate from junior college, I didn’t think I’d become a CA at all, and I was really an ignorant student about ca exams. It was my first job hunting, I didn’t have a suit or a photo, and I didn’t know how to get to the interview. Lol

The main reason why I decided to go to airline school was because I thought that going to school was the shortest way to know the examination process and aim for CA in a short period of time.

There are many things that can be said to be airline schools. So, after receiving counseling from several companies, I decided to go to a school with a homey atmosphere that I had heard was strong against foreign companies.

■Contents of classes

In the six-month curriculum, from among the many classes, I mainly chose the following.

・ How to prepare for interviews, prepare for interviews with foreign companies, and speak English according to interviews

And about three or four months after taking the class, I learned that this is what foreign interviews look like. Therefore, from then on, I focused on English conversation classes, and other than that, I mainly focused on self-analysis and motivation.

■3 benefits of attending an airline school

(1) At airline schools where you can understand the necessary things and processes for CA examinations, you can learn all the documents you need to prepare before going to the interview, hairstyle, makeup, walking style, etc. at the interview. Being ignorant, I checked what was not enough there and what I had to do, and practiced at home.

(2) Airline schools where you can make friends attract people with the same goal of having to become a CA, so you can share information and motivate them to take CA exams. In addition, by talking with my friends, we also taught each other words that I had never thought of, and recommended practice methods.

Now, my friends who talked about trying their best are also working as Japanese and foreign-affiliated CA.

(3) In the interview class where you can practice interviews in a place with a sense of tension, you can practice in a feeling like the actual performance. In my daily life, I didn’t have the opportunity to announce myself in front of a large number of people, so it was very helpful.

■Two disadvantages

(1) After I started looking for a cost airline school, I knew that tuition was very high. Even if it’s an investment in life, I hope it will be a little more accessible.

(2) Renewal after six months I chose the half-year course, but if I wanted to renew after six months, I had to pay the same amount of tuition. As explained above, I was able to understand the main points in the first three or four months, so I do not recommend re-updating in my opinion. Practical measures such as interview preparation will be practiced by individuals, but I felt that I could get the most information that I could learn in six months, and that self-study was enough.

■Impressions of Airline School

My impression of going to airline school is that I’m happy to go there. I went to study abroad after graduating from junior college, so the beginning of school was the start of job hunting. If I had started on my own without going to school, I would have had more time or I would not have been able to be a CA.

Of course, there are many people I know who did not go to school and were made CA. However, I recommend it to those who have never looked for a job like me and want to start taking the exam without really know how to become a CA.

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