Is studying abroad advantageous for CA?

Hello everyone. Rio works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Does studying abroad have an advantage??” I will answer.

You don’t need any special qualifications to become a CA, but not only foreign airlines but also Japanese airlines often mention language skills in the application guidelines.

What I’m interested in is whether studying abroad is more advantageous for recruitment. I have studied abroad in English-speaking countries for a total of about 4 1/2 years, and I will respond based on that.

■Studying abroad is not always essential.

The first thing I would like to tell you is that even if you want to become an overseas-based foreign airline, you do not necessarily need the experience of studying abroad.

Far from studying abroad in my non-English speaking country, there were people who had never studied abroad before, and I met many people who had no experience studying abroad with colleagues other than synchronization.

If you meet the language skills listed in the application guidelines and are attractive to the person, you will not be disadvantageous in recruiting because you do not have any experience studying abroad.

■Benefits of studying abroad

It is difficult to say that study abroad experience is directly related to the recruitment examination, but there are many merits in working as a CA.

Improve your language skills

The main purpose of studying abroad is to improve your language skills, right? It’s very effective to actually use it to learn a new language.

There are things you can’t do even if you’re in Japan, but I think studying abroad is the easiest way to go.

・ Familiar with the environment of learning in a foreign language

I wished I had studied abroad not at the time of the recruitment exam, but after joining the company. Of course, all training for foreign airlines based abroad is conducted in English or in the official language of the company.

Even if you take the recruitment test in Japan, training is not always done in a group only for Japanese people. In fact, my group was a multinational group.

Training is very tough because you will acquire the knowledge to become a CA in a few weeks. If you can’t pass the exam, you may end your contract there.

Studying abroad helped me a lot because I was used to studying in English and taking exams in English in an environment full of foreigners.

Adaptability is high

Language skills are not the only thing you can gain from studying abroad. Among them, I think that it is useful for the profession of CA is adaptability.

On board, you may meet customers and colleagues from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Studying abroad is a good opportunity to learn about foreign cultures that you would not be in Japan.

Of course, there are many things to learn after becoming a CA, but by knowing in advance, you can prevent troubles with customers and colleagues due to cultural differences before they occur.

In addition, the ability to adapt to the environment that can be learned by studying abroad is also a major strength. Japan is such a convenient country with a high standard of living that people from overseas say that it is like another planet.

Living abroad, I’m not likely to be surprised at the difference from Japan. However, I think that the environmental adaptability and perseverance gained from that experience are very useful for flight.

■Disadvantages of studying abroad

The experience of studying abroad has many advantages in becoming a CA, but there are actually disadvantages. It means that it is difficult to take the recruitment test.

Why? I think that there are many people who think that this is because recruitment tests for Japanese people are basically conducted only in Japan.

If you are studying abroad at the time of recruitment, you will return to Japan after each exam. This is a big burden, isn’t it?

In particular, the recruitment test for new graduates of Japanese airlines is conducted for Japanese students, so the time of joining the company will be tailored to Japanese students. The graduation period of overseas schools is often different from That of Japan, so if you are a company that does not have a quota for international students, you will have no choice but to apply in the next year.

I also returned to Japan while I was in school and take several exams, but mentally and financially it was quite hard.

I think that it will change depending on what kind of school you study abroad for and how long, but I recommend that you study abroad after you take measures such as avoiding the time when recruitment is likely to take place.

In my opinion, the experience gained from studying abroad in working as a CA is very helpful, and I think it will be an appeal point in the recruitment examination.

The experience gained from studying abroad is an irreplaceable asset other than aiming for CA. If you are wondering about studying abroad, please take a step forward.

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