More than 10 nights a month?! CA’s Hotel Life Struggles and Trial and Error

Hello everyone. I’m Lisa, who works for a major Japanese airline.

This time, “What is the difficulty in hotel life?” I will answer the question. The number of nights varies slightly depending on the airline and the way you work, but ca is more than 10 nights a month for people who stay in hotels.

There are two difficult things in the hotel life: A meal, and a hygiene environment.

We will also tell you about the countermeasures that have been tried and tested for these two troubles that I think are difficult.

(1) It is difficult to procure meals!

The first is, after all, a meal.

Rooms with kitchens are not so, so it is difficult to prepare your own meals. It’s a bit of stress not being able to make what I like and eat it, but I’ve been living this life for years, so I got used to it.

I can’t cut this life when I’m doing this job, so I’m trying to enjoy it anyway.

My pleasure is to eat junkies all over the place. Lol

Sometimes I eat my favorite food at my favorite time because I think it’s good to be around once in a while at a stay. However, if I do such a thing every time, it is bad for my body and skin, and above all, I feel great guilt, so lol, I try various things to bring foods that seem to be good for my body.

Some hotels offer rooms exclusively for crew members, so you can use the large shared refrigerator there. There is also a microwave oven, so I will bring something that can be easily heated and eaten, and something that only serves hot water.

Raw fruits and vegetables are not allowed, so I often go to the local area and go to supermarkets to procure them. When I saw a senior who had my dressing and bought only vegetables locally, I see! I think, and I have imitated it since then.

(2) Sanitary environment to be a problem

We spend a long time in the hotel, so we may be bothered about sanitary environments such as watering and beds.

“I just sleep in the hotel!” “Basically, I spend time going out to play!” I was also not able to go sightseeing easily due to the recent corona situation. There are also stay destinations where crew control is tight and you can’t even go shopping for groceries.

So, recently I have to spend time at the hotel without any success. Of course, some CA’s are originally troublesome to go outside, and some people spend time relaxing in their rooms because they are tired of it.

Basically, I am satisfied, but it may be around water that is not a little beautiful … That’s it, doesn’t it?

No matter how hard you try, it is difficult to change the quality of the room, so we try to make it fun.

For that reason, it is the favorite goods that are always available, aromas, hottie, and so on.

I don’t have one, but I was surprised when the type of person who couldn’t sleep when the pillow changed (I feel like CA is not for me at that time, but lol) has my pillow. Is there space in my suitcase? Lol

2-1. Aroma

I want to relax and calm down in my room, so I always carry my favorite aroma scent with me and push it a few times on my pillow to create a good sleeping environment.


As for my experience, the item that I think I have about 70% of CA regardless of the airline is a hottie. It is convenient because small and easy to carry are sold. It is also used when taking a break on board, but it is also very active in hotels.

2-3. Favorite pajamas & slippers

In order to relieve stress even a little by bringing it closer to the environment at home, I try to bring my favorite room clothes and raise my tension.

Above, it was a difficult thing in the hotel life that I think. It can be difficult, but we take good measures and basically have fun.

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