3 good things to be a CA

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What’s good about becoming a CA??” I will answer.

This time, I will introduce three things that I thought I was good to become a CA.

(1) You can fly around the world at work

I think that this is a classic reason, but it is the first trigger that I became a CA. I liked to travel, and after thinking about how I could go to the world for work, I came up with the option of CA. Some airlines only serve Japanese CA on The Japan Route. In my current workplace, I can work on flights around the world regardless of ca nationality, so it was a big change of hand when I changed jobs.

For example, in a shift in a month,

Barcelona (Spain) D
üsseldorf (Germany) Rome
(Italy) Lisboa
(Portugal) Narita (J
apan) Birmi
ngham (United Kingdom)

It was a flight schedule.

If you have a popular destination for shifting that month or a place you want to go, your motivation will still increase. Checking shifts is one of the pleasures. Lol

If you really want to change your flight, you can talk to each other and exchange it, so you can change it to your favorite shift. There is also a system where you can request the destination you want to go to, so if you are lucky, you can fly to your favorite destination.

You can also use a discounted ticket from the company, so you can take a petit trip if you have a day off. There are also three consecutive holidays between flights, and there are many CA’s that go on trips with discounted tickets. Then, depending on the shift, it will be possible to go around the earth in a week. Lol

(2) You can shop at local prices

Most flights are layovers. As I mentioned earlier, CA can go to various countries while working. And since time is reserved for at least one date at the destination, CA will go sightseeing and shopping at that time. If you buy it in Japan, you can buy things that cost twice or three times the price at the local price, so there are many people in CA who are looking forward to layover for the purpose of shopping.

In addition, you can enjoy local products and local food that you have never seen in Japan, so it is a very fun time.

I hear that there are many CA’s who take advantage of the privilege of being stationed in the country and are also active as buyers. Certainly, there are many companies that are allowed to work side job, so I think it is compatible with CA’s occupation.

(3) International work

In order to board a flight as a CA, you must be trained and pass it. In my current workplace training, there was a sync of 54 people from all over the world, but I was the only Asian. However, I was one of the colleagues of a beautiful man and a beautiful woman of different languages and cultures, and I was an Asian face, so I was able to remember my name and face immediately. Lol

Everyone studied hard during the training, but it was a fresh day because events unique to different cultures happen every day. Among them, I like Japanese culture and language in the class where I give presentations about each culture! I want to know more! I was surprised that there were so many synchronizations.

In my workplace, I don’t work as a fixed member, so the CA I ride with on every flight changes. Since I started working, I have been the only Japanese person on most flights other than the Japan route. When I live in Japan, there are many colleagues of nationality who I do not meet or engage with much, so the conversation is very fresh and fun.

I often go out with colleagues I meet at layover destinations and keep in touch after work. Therefore, I think that it was good to become a CA that friends can be made all over the world.

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