Many CA have boyfriends? The boyfriend’s occupation

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Does CA have many boyfriends?” What profession are men boyfriends? I will answer.

What kind of love do you have in the CA industry before? Also, who is your partner? I was asked a question by a friend. Certainly, I remember asking the same question to an old person who was an active CA at the time before I was a CA. So, I would like to answer about it this time.

CA has a lot of people who don’t have boyfriends.

From the outs, ed? I think that there are some people who thought, but there is a translation to this, so I will explain in order.

Irregular work

Depending on the company, there are regular shifts, so it will be a story at my workplace to the last, but I think the main reason is that work is irregular. Late-night flights, early morning flights, and jetlag drive the body clock crazy, so you often don’t know what country you’re living in. Lol

I remember when I started work, I didn’t know when my drowsy or appetite would come even during the day, and it was really difficult to adjust the time in my body. I got used to it in about a month, but during that time I was not in a condition where I could have a love affair. Some seniors said that if they didn’t sleep all day and adjust on their days off, their next job would be affected.

In addition to this, it is true that the time to meet with the lover is inevitably limited because the rest is irregular.

Is the app normal? Meeting place

I can’t make love because my work is irregular, I talked about it above, but when I say such a thing, I can’t love at any time. There are many people at CA who are looking for encounters, much more than I imagined before I was CA. Lol

Speaking of encounters, I think that in-house, combinations, introductions, etc. are standard. In fact, even if you know me, there are people who have become a couple by conning with Japanese expatriates and introductions. These days, most cas also register apps and ask for encounters, and there are many people who have actually been dating through the app around me. Of course, I think it is necessary to have the ability to discern, but my friends are also happy, so I think it is good to use it as a place for new encounters.

Is your opponent’s occupation a pilot? CA’s Love Partner

Does CA meet pilots after all? I think that there are some people who are interested. In conclusion, there are encounters. However, that’s not the case when asked if the majority of CAs are married to pilots.

In the course of business, it is CA’s job to prepare meals for pilots and to contact them about flights, so there are many things involved. Therefore, it is possible enough to develop in love there. However, as I said earlier, ca’s work is irregular = pilot is the same. As a result, when cas and pilots go out, they spend most of the month in different countries and places. In addition, my frank opinion is that there are many scandals because it is an industry with a lot of women.

Surprisingly, there are many people around me who are not pilots, but who are each other with CAs. Spending much of the month in a different location is no different from a pilot. However, I thought that it would last for a long time because there are many things that can be shared, such as watching together for a long time in the cabin and getting over training together, because there is a high level of trust in each other.

Will you go back to your home country in the future? Gotta? The Shape of Love

It is a long-distance love that there are a lot of dantotsu in the love affair of CA in the present work. While I was talking to my colleagues on the flight, most of the CA he was in was a long-distance relationship. Among them, there were many people who wanted to return to their home countries someday, especially those who had him or his fiancée in their home country. On the other hand, there were many people who thought that it was okay to leave their home country and were looking for encounters in the country where they were stationed.

To conclude, there are many encounters in long-distance relationships and apps these days, so I think his occupation of CA is disjointed. However, I feel that the threshold for identifying men in a way that is objectively assessed is a little higher. I think that there are many people who want to live a little higher than average.

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