Characteristic personality of CA

Hello everyone. I’m Kotona, who works for a major Japanese overseas-based subsidiary. I was asked a question again today. “What kind of personality is CA? I will answer.

By the way, CA is more actionable and powerful.

Of course, there are indoors, but basically they are acting.

I feel that there are many people who used to play sports when they were students. The rest is people who are studying abroad and are interested in the cultures and languages of various countries.

Because CA is a job that requires physical strength.

The flight attendant recruitment guidelines are conditional on good respiratory, otolaryngology, spinal cord, and visual acuity. Tests for lung capacity and arm reach are also conducted.

Some companies have height restrictions.

From the south to the north, it is required to balance the safety and service of the cabin while responding to various climates and climates.

Therefore, it seems that there are more aspiring types of people who seem to have been running around in sports than literary girls who are quietly reading books.

Ca is not good at building relationships unexpectedly?

Because it is a customer service business, there is a sociable image, but as far as I know, there are many people who are not good at carefully and carefully building long-term relationships.

Because flight attendants don’t work with the same members every day.

Basically, like a typical company, you don’t spend a year budgeting and following the same goals.

It’s about staying safe, providing services, and getting over a single flight with any member on the aircraft.

Therefore, it is easy to become a short-term human relationship by all means.

On the surface, you can work in cooperation with Nico Nico, but if you say that you can really break it down … I can’t nod lol

Flight attendants may be good at responding “on the right”, but it is difficult to build “long-term” relationships and goals.

In fact, I often hear “I get bored” as a reason for those who change jobs.

Unfortunately, flight attendants are not as glamorous a job as the image, but the main tasks are serving customers, safety and beauty on board, and protecting the door in charge, and sometimes processing your vomit.

・ It is not for those who want to do one thing carefully and achieve a long-term project, and I think that it is a job that feels boring.

But who still “likes people”?

Although it is such a job as a flight attendant, seniors who have been flying for a long time say that “it is fun to engage with customers”.

The work is in short order, and it is the opposite of the gorgeous image of service to the customer while protecting the safety of the cabin, but you can meet various customers.

Even if the destination is the same, the purpose and circumstances are various.

Customers vary in age and gender.

I hear memories of the sky that I did not know from customers who have been riding since “aviation” took root in Japan.

“It used to be big and I could smoke,”
“There was a flight attendant in a kimono”

What a surprising story. (There seems to have been a play that an aircraft flying at a different altitude overtakes it lol)

When I’m a flight attendant and think it’s more fun than anything else, it’s when I talk to customers. I’m really happy when the plane lands safely and sees off customers who are going to their destination with “thank you.”

I was worried that it was the answer to the question, but “CA is acting and there are many people who enjoy meeting once in a while”.

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