Things to watch out for beauty and health

Hello everyone. I’m Kotona, who works for a major Japanese overseas-based subsidiary.

I was asked a question again today. “What are you careful about for beauty and health?” I will answer.

Flight attendants are manual labor, and it is a job to overwork the three-and-a-half rule. On the other hand, the “goal” of work is short-term, and if you do one flight, you can rest your nerves.

Health management is fairly simple because there are some parts of the stress that are different from ol who have to face budgets and yearly projects in the office.

It’s like a desert on board.

What I am very careful about is “drying measures”.

As for “drying”, I think that you can understand if you can remember the cabin.

Yes, the inside of the plane is very dry. It is said that it is the same state as “Desert” in one theory.

I mainly fly international flights, so it’s always a long flight. In other words, daily work is like in the desert lol

Anyway I had my throat and lips. After finishing the usual full meal service with a smile, when I returned to the galley, my voice did not come out well, and the thickly applied lipstick was gabigabi at the end of the mouth corner … Lol

Currently, it is a business wearing a mask and a face shield, so the dryness of the throat is better than before. However, my skin rubbed with a mask and it was easy to get rough.

Still, it is not recommended by the company’s regulations to make the part hidden by the mask no makeup, so even if you can not see it, you must make it.

I put more makeup on rough skin with a mask, and the workplace is a dry area on board … and is in a hellish state for the skin lol

In the mean of that, the method I knitted with my colleagues is “moisturizing anyway”. There’s no art, lol.

Even before the new pneumonia epidemic, we were moisturizing by looking at the time between us on board, but we increased the frequency. In addition, before makeup, I apply baby cream etc. to moisturize the skin.

So, even if you think that your skin is rough enough to understand through this CA, mask or face shield, please watch with gentle eyes lol

Make-off on board?! Flight attendants keen on beauty

Most flight attendants are keen on beauty that “removes makeup before a break”, even if it is easy to fix it on board.

Flight attendants take naps on board long flights, but before they go to sleep, they get up early and see prudent people who wear makeup from the start.

As expected, his skin was firm and beautiful.

Health care also leads to aviation safety

I answered only about makeup, but as a member of supporting “public transportation”, we are careful about “health management” as well as “time management”.

When someone rests, a standby flight attendant will be rushed out, and the employees who will arrange it will be troubled. You may not be on time.

However, it is irregular every day, and it flies around to the region of various climates.

It is not unreasonable to be easy to get sick.

Therefore, I keep in mind to raise “immunity”.

Since before the new pneumonia epidemic, I practice that I do not drink tea, wash my hands frequently, and accumulate stress once every 30 minutes.

As for mental measures, I am an “easy to worry about” character, so I have taken the “depressed for only 10 minutes” method taught by my boss lol

For 10 minutes, I worry as much as I want, think, and become negative.

Then, the trouble becomes mysteriously small, and it becomes positive!

Let’s overcome this corona vortex with care for beauty, health, and mental health.

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