What I do on holiday

Hello everyone. I’m Kotona, who works for a major Japanese overseas-based subsidiary.

I was asked a question again today. “What do you do on holidays?” I will answer.

Yes, it’s a holiday, but I’m the type of person who doesn’t have much physical strength, so I sleep exclusively. Lol When I was a newcomer to the flight, I enjoyed shopping and sightseeing at the sync and stay destination. However, after the first year, my physical strength declined remarkably, and if I did not sleep still in the hotel, I became sick.

However, if it is a flight with a lot of Japanese chiefs and crew, if you refuse the invitation, the corner will stand … We may be with you as much as possible. (I would like to make an article someday about the difference between Japanese and foreign crew members.)

Therefore, the “hotel basket at the stay destination” instruction due to the recent outbreak of new pneumonia,

I’m very grateful to an intive crew like me lol

There is no invitation that is difficult to refuse, and you can sleep as much as you want.

Do Japanese people have rules for how to behave at a stay destination?

Some of you may have seen flight attendants at hotels and airports in Japan and abroad.

Compared to overseas airlines that are behaving each other freely in uniform, japanese airlines do not follow flight attendants who seem to be leaders (laughs) like the military somewhere?

Yes, when the flight is over, “Thank you! In addition to foreign capital that ends up refreshingly, Japanese people have rules even after a flight and even after taking off their uniforms.

For example, it is basically not recommended to clock in and out of uniform. However, since there are times such as the trouble of changing clothes, there are many people who go in uniform wearing cardigans and coats on top, both flight attendants and ground staff.

I think that everyone has seen a woman with dark makeup on her head in black stockings near the airport (laughs)

It was the same at the stay destination, and it was the one that it was told in the training age of the newcomer to refrain from uploading the spectacle of sightseeing and eating delicious food to SNS.

On the other hand, foreign capital commutes majestically in uniform. Even if you upload your uniform or the state of the cabin to SNS, it may be recognized as “public relations”.

This means that japanese people are aware of their occupations, but for safety reasons, uniform designs are imitated and not used for terrorism.

However, I think that the customer does not see the behavior of the flight attendant after the stay destination and the end of work. How is it…?

In this way, there is an eye of seniors and the company even after the time of the day off and the end of work

I often grow up. However, some Japanese employees are actionable and powerful.

Covering the gourmet where you go? Crew like a living gourmet book

Write various negative things (airlines seem to be troublesome…) I think that there are some people who thought.

However, there are some people who enjoy the stay destination in an action while keeping the rules.

We will introduce people like “live gourmet book” which became a hot topic among the crew.

Those who were told that “you will always find delicious shops in the area” seem to look around the site at the place of stay even after a long flight full of tiredness.

It is the most pleasure to ask the locals and find delicious shops.

If you are acting like her, you often run cooking and sightseeing blogs separately and send out information without having to reveal it as a flight attendant.

If you like traveling and gourmet food and are strong, crewing may be your job.

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