Favorite airline uniforms up to 5th place

Hello everyone. I’m Kotona, who works for a major Japanese overseas-based subsidiary.

I was asked a question again today. “Which airline uniform do you like?” Please tell me up to 5th place. I will answer.

There are various airlines in the world, but I think uniforms are a common example of traditional culture and nationality. I saw it at the airport, and I heard it from an old person who works, and personally I said, “I like it!” I would like to introduce the uniform that I think.

No.5 Asiana Airlines

It is a Korean airline. I think that the uniform of the flight attendant and ground staff of brown mixed with calm gray is very nice with a formal design that is dignified and does not interfere with work. Above all, it catches my eye that I am wearing a “hat” that has become rare now.

I have never seen it directly, but it seems that the apron is also embroidered with Oriental flowers, and it seems to deliver gorgeousness to customers during meal service.

No.4 Singapore Airlines

It is an airline in Singapore. Even if you see it at the airport or at the hotel where you stay, the traditional costume “Salon Kebaya” called “Singapore Girl” will be caught in your eyes. Basically, “flight attendants” are also very important for “security work”, and in Japan and Europe and the United States, they place importance on “security work and service”, but they seem to have a larger presence of “service personnel” as “advertising towers in Singapore”.

When I join the company, I tailor it in the size of each flight attendant, so it is really perfect for my body. My feet are sandals. It’s beautiful, but “it’s a little hard to move (laughs)” was said by a Singapore girl I knew.

No.3 Japan Airlines

It is a Japanese airline. It was changed from April 2020, but the navy blue one-piece style of the previous uniform was retro and elegant, and the walking figure with the pleats of the back figure swaying was very cute. First of all, according to a friend of Japan Airlines, “It’s easy to move!” It was a reputation. Indeed, rather than a blouse and skirt, the one-piece type would be for flight attendants moving around on board.

The uniform hairstyles and makeup that are japanese are also elegant. The one piece of the current design which changed seems to have been paid to the ground staff, and it will have become more attractive.

No.2 Korean Air

It is a Korean airline. White skirts and jackets, blue scarves, hair accessories, harmonious, refreshing and very beautiful. I think that “white” is very rare even if you look around the world. The ground staff is the same except for the color of the skirt, and visibility is high. On the head, contrary to the same Korean Asiana Airlines hat, I wear a “Valletta-shaped hair accessory” (the short one is a headband), but this is a unique shape, and even if I look against it, it is out on the side. I don’t think this will hit you…? And I always follow with my eyes (laughs)

No.1 Aeroflot Airlines

It is a Russian airline. It seems that it has been selected as “the most fashionable uniform in the world”! Aeroflot flight attendants in orange-bright red uniforms and high heels, which are rare for flight attendants, are also eye-watering at airports where many airline staff come and go. This is also unusually “hat”, formal, there is a military atmosphere somewhere and it has a “cool beauty” beauty.

According to rumors, the color of the uniform seems to change in spring and summer, and there is also a dark blue ver!

The above is a ranking, but if you have your favorite uniform, I would be happy if you could write it in the comments!

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