How many TOIEC points are necessary to be CA? Do I need other languages than English??

Hello everyone. Rio works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “How many points is TOEIC?” How many languages should I speak? I will answer.

Not to mention Japanese airlines, it is a matter of language skills that can not be avoided, especially if you are aiming to become a foreign airline.

I will answer based on my personal information and the stories I have heard from my CA friends.

■In my case

First of all, when I mention myself, toeic scores are 900 points, and I can speak two languages: Japanese and English.

Although I have studied abroad, I was born and raised in Japan, and I grew up in an environment where both my parents could not speak English. For this reason, the mother language is Japanese.

I have studied English from junior high school classes, and I have never attended an English conversation class.

I’ve loved Western-style painting and Western music since I was a junior high school student, so that’s what interested me in English. However, I decided to study abroad because I thought that it would be difficult to make good even if I did not have the opportunity to use it.

I received THE TOEIC after graduating from university, so by that time I had already acquired academic level English skills. After taking measures with the highly rated TOEIC countermeasure book, I was able to score 900 points in my first exam.

I don’t think it’s hard to work with this level of English skills, but I often think that I still have a long way to go because I can’t speak well.

In addition, I began to feel that it was more difficult to serve customers in Japanese than in English because my life abroad became longer and I had fewer opportunities to learn Japanese honorifics. Lol

I strongly feel that it is important to study thoroughly even if it is my mother’s language because I think that language is a daily accumulation of study.

■If you are a friend working for a Japanese airline

My friend who works for a Japanese airline had no experience studying abroad, and the TOEIC score at the time of ca examination was about 600 points at the last minute.

Because a Japanese airline was the first choice, he also attended an English conversation class with a TOEIC countermeasure course to meet the criteria of the application guidelines.

He said he started studying English again because he now works on international routes.

■If you are a friend working for a Korean airline

My friend who works for a Korean airline has studied abroad in Korea, so he took the exam at a business level in Korean and about 700 TOEIC points in English.

It was said that there was no mention of Korean in the application qualification. However, at the interview, there was a question about whether I could speak Korean, and when I answered that I could speak, the question in Korean started.

He also liked Korea for the synchronization he had offered together, and to some extent, there were many people who could understand Korean. He said that speaking Korean was an advantage in job hunting.

However, since the training is conducted in English, it seems that a certain level of English ability is also required.

■How much language skills do you actually need?

Based on the experience of me and my friends, english skills are essential for CA exams.

How many TOEIC points you need depends on the airline you are taking, but I think that the higher the score, the easier it will be for documents to pass.

However, the score of the test does not directly affect the ability of English conversation. We recommend that you do not be satisfied with the increase in your score and work interview practice in English.

In addition, in the case of recruitment for Japanese people, I do not think that it is necessary to study a language other than English with priority over English unless there is anything else.

However, it is certain that it will be an advantage like a friend who works for a Korean airline, and some companies may be required to learn a language after joining the company.

I really want to get into this airline! If you have a strong will, I think it is good to study little by little with English.

The above was the language ability necessary for CA that I think, but was it helpful? Language skills are not something you can learn overnight, so let’s do our best.

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