What does CA do outside of work? How CA spends holidays

Hello everyone. I work for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What are you doing on holidays?” I will answer.

Holidays are valuable in work where time is irregular due to shift work. This time, I would like to introduce five things that I often do on holidays.

■ “Take a walk outside” to enjoy the fresh air

Because of ca’s work, I often stay in the office on airplanes and standby work for a long time. In particular, if you work on an airplane, you will be more tired than when you are on the ground because of the pressure. No matter how much air in the plane is replaced in a few minutes, it’s a little different from walking outside and breathing in the fresh air. That’s what I try to do on holidays, even for a little while, to go out as much as possible to enjoy the fresh air and to get my body in shape. I also keep in mind to go outside and walk without being left in a hotel, just like I do at work. I also asked a foreign colleague who told me that she also spent at least an hour a day taking a walk outside. It is a good thing to walk to eliminate lack of exercise and muscles. When ca comes to the holiday, there are a lot of people who try to go out as much as possible.

■ “Cook your own meals” with plenty of nutrition

When you have an in-flight meal while you do not have much time such as short-haul flights, you will often eat carbohydrates such as sandwiches and rice balls. As a result, nutrition becomes biased by all means while on duty. A great opportunity to correct the nutritional bias is “Holiday! 」。 Even though I live abroad, I try to make Japanese food with a focus on vegetables as much as possible. In addition, the in-flight meal is made with a lot of salt, so I try to eat a low-salt meal on holidays.

■ Without waking up, “sleeping single-mindedly”

When I work for CA, I often get very tired physically. I often have to get up at 4 and 5 in the morning for shift work for a few days. Also, jet lag is often terrible after long distance lines. My body is very tired. When I think so, I will sleep as much as I want! Lol That’s something you can only do on holiday. I feel very happy to be able to sleep as much as I want without an alarm.

■ Weekdays if you go to the city! “Great time to shop”

The good thing about shift work is that you have a day off on weekdays. When I go shopping, I always go on weekday mornings or lunch. This is because there are fewer people than on weekends and holidays, so you can enjoy shopping slowly. Especially during the sale period, you can shop calmly without trying on clothes or lining up at the cash register, so I think that it was good especially for shift work at that time lol.

■ Talk a lot and release stress “Interact with friends”

Meeting and talking with people you like can also relieve stress. On weekdays, I often meet with friends who are on weekends and holidays if I get the synchronization of the company that suffers a day off and the weekend off. If you can visit the cafes and restaurants you wanted to visit, or if you can walk around the city and find a good place, you can also recommend it to customers on board. I often get asked about recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants on board, so when I have time, I also visit various places myself. Now, it is difficult to go sightseeing or eating out due to corona disaster. Therefore, I often make sweets and cook with friends at home.

By the way, I almost always finish nails, beauty salons, massages, etc. at my work place. On holidays, I try to spend as much time as possible on whatever I want, so I try and test how to use my time effectively every day lol!

This time, I introduced how to spend the holiday of CA. I think that each person spends a different way of spending time, but I hope that you can refer to it as one example.

CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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