Do you need to study abroad to become a CA! ?

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Is studying abroad advantageous?” I will answer.

I think that there are many people who are interested in whether studying abroad is advantageous for selection when aiming to become a CA. This time, I would like to share my study abroad experience and what I felt through the CA exam.

(Since I mainly took overseas-based foreign airlines, it might be a little different from the selection of Japanese airlines.) )

■ Will it be dropped with paperwork? Is it necessary to study abroad?

In conclusion, studying abroad is not essential to become a CA.

In fact, at the Chinese airline that I joined the first company, there was a synchronization of 18 Japanese people, some of them who had never studied abroad. Even on current Middle Eastern airlines, there are some people who work without going to study abroad.

■Study abroad< international experience and exchange

Above, I mentioned that studying abroad is not always necessary. However, what I have felt in many interviews in the past is that those with international experience and exchanges are the strengths of being interviewed.

I have been studying abroad in Cebu, Philippines for 4 1/2 months. I have loved traveling since I was a student, and I traveled the world with the money I saved from part-time jobs.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I was aiming to be an overseas-based foreign airline. For this reason, I thought that it was also seen in interviews whether I was a person who could leave Japan and live in a foreign country.

For example, Mr. A, who has studied abroad but has been studying hard, does not interact with friends much, and has been at school for a long time.

Even if he has never studied abroad, mr. B is a test taker who enjoys international exchange and volunteering in Japan and traveling abroad.

Considering which one looks attractive to the interviewer, I think it’s the latter.

I didn’t study abroad for that long period of time, so I thought I was at a disadvantage in interviews. However, based on my experience of international exchange through studying abroad and traveling, I remember that I was able to respond flexibly while enjoying life in different cultures.

■Study abroad < international experience, exchange < conversation

So far, I’ve talked about how it’s more important to have international experience than study abroad. However, when working for a foreign airline, all you need to do is communicate in English.

English is all involved in interviews, training and work after joining the company, so it is essential to be able to communicate in English.

I do my best to study for the exam and my grades and scores are very good, but I feel that there are many people in Japan who are not good at communicating in English.

In the CA world, of course, some airlines require to submit TOEIC scores in document screening. However, some companies say that the language recruitment criteria are that they are fluent in English.

When you join the company, every foreign airline will continue to work in English. Therefore, I think it is important to improve your English skills by outputting what you have studied through English conversation.

■Various ways to study

I think that some people think that studying abroad is still more efficient because it is necessary to have international experience and exchange in English first and second.

There is a disadvantage that long-term study abroad costs a lot of money, and I also abandoned it.

However, in studying abroad, you can have a sense and experience that only you can know there, so there are many advantages. Therefore, if you have money or time, we recommend studying abroad.

Recently, however, due to the corona, unfortunately, it is difficult to go abroad, and I think that there are many people who have to give up studying abroad.

If I were in such a situation, I would use online English conversation and SNS as a place for international exchange. Recently, there are many tools that can connect with people from different cultures even if you do not go abroad, so how about using it greatly for recruitment that comes out next?

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