To become a CA, this thing is recommended to do since high school.

Hello everyone. Igarashi works for a major Japanese airline (domestic flights).

I was asked a question again today. 

“What should high school students do to become a CA?” I will answer.

・ Do you have an academic background to become
a CA?
・ Are there any special qualifications or recruitment conditions?
・Should I go to study abroad?
・Do I have to speak English?

I think there are many people who have such anxiety.

My colleagues have also dreamed of becoming a CA since childhood, and there are many people who have passed the exam by chasing their dreams with all their heart.

However, I aimed to become a CA when I was at a job hunting briefing for third-year university students.

From there, ca might be right for me? And I studied hard to find out about the profession and get the necessary qualifications.

Until then, I had no dreams, and since I was in the humanities, I was vaguely thinking about finding a job in the financial industry.

In addition to getting a professional job called an airline, I will introduce what you should have done since you were a high school student.

⬛ I can return to high school, if I have a chance to study abroad, I will go. Or learn a foreign language in Japan.

Until I aimed for CA, I had no English skills and 280 TOEIC points.

In the first place, I hated learning English.

When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to study abroad, but living alone in a foreign country was not a good thing.

I don’t want to leave Japan.

But now I regret running away from English.

When I was in my third year of university, I aimed to become a CA, and if I couldn’t prove my English ability of about 600 TOEIC points, I had to take an English test at the same time as the job interview.

As a result, I scored 700 TOEIC points in six months, but I am very busy while looking for a job, so I recommend that you prepare your qualifications in advance.

There are colleagues who receive 600 toeic points or less.

Even if my English skills were low, it would have been attractive to make me want from the company.

However, in the end, I have a hard time moving to international migration training. In addition, even on domestic flights, there are foreign customers, so we may not be able to leave english announcements to us.

Something affects your career.

In training, you must memorize both Japanese and English.

⬛ should I go to study abroad?

I can’t say this in general because there are many students who are satisfied as soon as they go to study abroad.

By experiencing cultural differences with Japan at your study abroad destination, your perspective expands, and the experience enriches your life. These are a bigger harvest than learning English.

However, even if you go to study abroad, you will not be able to speak English without permission.

If you don’t work hard in your study abroad destination, you will not be able to use English freely.

On the other hand, there are many opportunities to learn English in Japan today. There are plenty of free online tools and plenty of systems to talk to foreigners while you’re at home.

In possible way to become a CA, let’s work on learning a foreign language.

⬛ I can return to high school, I will grow my back.

It is difficult to grow back suddenly, because it is different from english ability. Lol

I know.

But high school students still have a chance to grow!

What I would like you to tell me is that I want you to make a healthy body and live a regular life (exercise, diet, sleep).

I am short and not 160cm tall.

Height is not specified in the application guidelines for major Japanese airlines with international flights.

In practice, however, there is no prospect of receiving it unless you are able to do safety tasks such as safely closing the shelves above the large cabin.

Those with long arms for height may reach exceptionally.

Me and the petite examinees around me all fell off in a physical examination at a major Japanese international company.

At interns and job fairs, hr people always say that height doesn’t matter, but that’s not possible.

There is no small CA in a large machine, right?

Still, don’t give up on your dream of becoming a CA.

I was able to pass several domestic flight-only companies. Because the plane is relatively small and arrives on the upper shelf.

My colleagues are about 151-155cm, and some are 170cm.

CA is a world of physical fitness. Don’t go on an unreasonable diet on a daily basis and try to build a healthy body.

⬛ Education related?

Education doesn’t matter.

My colleagues also have a variety of educational backgrounds.

・ Science and humanities
・vocational school graduates
・Those who have changed jobs from other companies
・those who were at universities in foreign countries

I have the impression that there are relatively many foreign language majors around me. The reason for it is that there are a lot of people who actively learn a foreign language if it becomes aiming at CA.

However, there are some people like me who receive it from a faculty that is not related at all.

I’ll introduce you in the next chapter, but learn what you want to learn the most right now.

⬛ the horizontal axis of the plane

If there is a strong vertical axis of wanting to become a CA in high school now, it is of course not to dedicate student life to that goal.

Director Hara, who is famous at Aoyama Gakuin University, often speaks (if you are interested, please check it out!) that it is wonderful that there is a single vertical axis that is decided what you want to do.

However, it is not caught only by it, and the experience which is not related to the dream at first time might be connected someday.

Therefore, I want high school students to have various experiences in to extend the horizontal axis.

Sports, music, study, foreign language learning, part-time job.

Anything is fine.

It will definitely help you when you become a CA.

I’ve been running away from learning English (laughs), but I’ve been serious about the same sport for 10 years.

The sport was more advantageous for small people, so I didn’t grow in height (laughs)

Even now that I’m a CA, that experience helps me and I’m proud of myself for taking something serious.

⬛ Do what you like.

I’ve told you a lot of things, but it’s a student life that’s only once.

Be sensitive to what you want to do and what interests you.

Instead of having to decide on school and life options just to become a CA, I want them to have a broader perspective.

CA is a profession where only special people can be. Every person has a chance.

CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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