What is your favorite country? Here are top three countries

Hello everyone. Rio works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Do you have a favorite country?” I will answer.

If you work as a CA, there is a good chance that you will be asked which country you like and which country you recommend when you travel.

One of the advantages of working for a foreign airline is that you can go to various countries, but I would like to introduce three countries that I personally like in the countries I have visited.

■United Kingdom

The first country is England. London flights are very in demand and always busy. For this reason, the UK is not a very popular destination for the company I work for, but I personally love it.

The streets of Europe are completely different from each other in Japan, so I still remember when I first visited, I was moved by the world in the movies.

Not only the UK but also other European cities are very beautiful, but I think London in particular is very nice because it blends historic and modern buildings.

In the case of London, tourist attractions are concentrated in the center, so it is one of the recommended points that it is easy to look around.

There’s plenty of entertainment, and going to see West End musicals while you’re staying is a pleasure on a London flight.

The UK is famous for its uns tastely food, but recently the gourmet industry has also been up due to the influence of TV shows and other programs. For this reason, there are many delicious foods.

In shopping, popular brands are basically cheaper to get than In Japan, and British fast fashion brand PRIMARK is very popular with crew.

Compared to other European countries, security is relatively good, so it is recommended for women-only trips and single-person trips.


The second country is Thailand. It’s a country that wasn’t personally very intrigued until ca to be honest. However, when I visited here by layover, it became one of my favorite countries.

Bangkok flights, like London flights, are in high demand and busy. However, Thailand is also a popular destination for crew.

The reason for its popularity is that massages are available cheaply.

At first glance, CA seems to be a gorgeous profession, but it is a physically physical work, and it is true that there are many crew members who have physical problems such as back pain and foot failure.

In Thailand, massages and spas are substantial, and you can get them at a low price. For this reason, almost everyone went out for a massage while staying.

And another thing the crew is looking forward to is Thai food.

Thai food is also popular in Japan, but it is also very popular in Western countries. I was under the impression that there were many crew members looking forward to eating.

Also, what I personally liked is that there are more pro-Japan days in Thailand. There are many people who treat me kindly, and I was surprised that they spoke to me in Japanese.

There are many Japanese people living there, but japanese daily necessities are easy to get, and Japanese shops are open. For this reason, it was very helpful for me to not be able to return to Japan on an overseas basis.

I think that I will miss Japanese food even when I travel, so I think Thailand is a Japanese-friendly country in that respect.


The third country is Greece. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece from an early age. I was very happy that it came true as a CA.

In Greece, you can see a view that blends ancient civilizations with modern times. You can’t see this in Japan.

You can see many historical buildings in other European cities, but I think the ruins of Greece are worth seeing.

The famous Athens Acropolis is very attractive in its ruins itself, and the view of the city from there is very beautiful and very impressive.

There are also many islands that are famous as resorts, and the islands floating in the Aegean Sea are really beautiful.

Many of the world’s famous tourist destinations are disappointed when you actually go there. However, I think that There is an charm that can not be transmitted in Greece by photography etc.

How was it that it was my favorite three countries above?

There are many countries and places that I have not been to yet, so I would like to travel more while I can use the special ticket that is a privilege of CA.

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