Dream? Longing? How I decided to become a CA

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What made you decide to become a CA?” I will answer.

As a question often asked in CA interviews, “Why did you decide to become a CA?” There is such a thing. Certainly, I think that those who are working as CA are interested in what kind of events they decided to aim for. This time, I would like to share the opportunity that I decided to become a CA.

■ Old dreams, longing?

I think there are many people who saw CA working on airplanes when they were little and decided to become a CA. But I wasn’t.

I belonged to the basketball club for eight years from elementary school to high school. So, every day was practice, games, muscle training days, and the girls were athletic girls.

Back then, becoming a CA for me would be a Hollywood star! As much as that, I thought it was a far-off world. Therefore, I didn’t have a millimeter of the option to become a CA. Lol 

■A single comment that triggered

However, when you are about to graduate from junior college, what will your homeroom teacher do? I was asked.

At that time, I just want to go abroad! I want to stay for a long time! It was a single mind. So I told him that I was thinking of going on a working holiday to Canada after studying in the Philippines. Then, the teacher said, “I don’t want to be a CA.”

When I thought in my heart, “No, absolutely 50 laughs”, “I have a teacher who worked at a former SQ in my friend, so why don’t you talk to me!” No, I’m going to tell you,” he said, and he talked more and more. Lol

And, the seat which was able to talk with the teacher was set up at any time, and it became the day when I was able to meet it while saying that it was that.

However, as I listened to the story, I gradually said, “CA. It’s certainly good to be around the world.”

And by the time I got home, “I who is such a athletic association might be interesting if I could become a CA. If you think about it, it is wonderful to be able to live abroad for work and go on a trip! Good! Let’s do our best! I was thinking, lol.

Since I was a child, once I make up my mind, I’m the type who doesn’t feel good until I do it all the time. And from that day on, life secretly aiming for CA began.

■Every day since I decided to aim for CA

After graduating from junior college, I abandoned my working holiday and returned to Japan.

After returning to Japan, I immediately entered an airline school and studied what was necessary for taking the CA exam. I also focused on english interview preparation, self-analysis, health management and muscle training.

Then, I received a business offer from a Chinese airline, and my foreign CA life began.

When I talked to my homeroom teacher, it was also a time when I was just about whether going on a working holiday was good or whether it was really right for me. I was only 20 years old at the time, and my friends around me were still college students, so I wasn’t too impatient. However, it was made to think a little more properly by teacher’s one saying.

I thought that people who work as CAs are all people who have always had the goal of wanting to be a CA. Of course, there are many people who have been chasing their dreams and becoming a CA. However, what I have known since I started working is that there are many people in the crew who, like me, did not expect to become CA at all.

Now I am very grateful to the teacher who gave me the choice at that time. It was an event that made me realize that life changes greatly at unexpected timings.

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