Room share after the flight? Difficulties in hotel life

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What are the difficulties in hotel life?” I will answer.

CA is an industry where there are many hotel stays because of work. When I asked about the hotel, he said, “Hotel, that’s good. I think that there are some people who think. Depending on the airline, there are different hotels available for the crew. I think that there are many companies that have contracts with 3- to 5-star hotels.

Stay in a 5-star hotel! Best! I think that most people think. However, it is true that it can be surprisingly difficult. This time, I would like to share what I experienced and how hard it was in hotel life.

■ After the flight…

This is a story at a Chinese airline where I used to work. My first layover flight was to Beijing. And the hotel was a marriott hotel famous for its 5 stars.

I remember my heart buzzing from the moment I felt the lovely scent of the lobby at the Marriott Hotel where I was staying for the first time.

However, it was my first layover flight, so I wanted to take a rest and then go out.

Then I checked in and went to my room! The moment I thought, one colleague said, “Say hello! I was called out.

■Room share

I was not sure what it was, and as I was advancing, the coworker stopped in front of the same room as me. And in that moment I realized.

On previous airlines, rooms staying in layovers were cockpits, parsers, and room shares for crew members other than those in charge of economy.

I don’t think I’ll spend time in the same room as my seniors after work, and I remember spending my first experience asking for the timing of a shower or meal.

Fortunately, the Chinese senior crew who were in the same room were very kind and said, “You don’t really have to worry about it!” Think I’m an invisible person and take it slow. Because I do too! He said to me, “I’m not going to let you down.”

But then, when the layover flight came in, I checked who I was going to share the room with, and then I started to be ready. Lol

The timing of going to bed, wake up, showering, and eating is different for each person. I’m the type who wakes up relatively early in the morning. So I was sorry to open the curtains and turn on the electricity, so I would live in the morning in the hotel lobby.

I have very enjoyable memories of sharing a room with a Japanese senior who is in sync and on good terms when the same flight comes in.

At the time, I thought it was the for granted. However, when I think back to the time when I was spending time in the same room as my colleagues at the end of work, I think there were many things that I endured.

■Hotel Life

When I hear the word CA and hotel, I think that most people imagine the story at the layover destination. However, CA has crew members who stay in hotels besides layovers.

I stayed in a hotel prepared for the company for two and a half months during training.

Immediately after the training was over, we had to contract our own house and live while paying the rent, so the hotel was secured only during the training period.

The good thing was that we were able to leave cleaning and each sheet change to our employees. Therefore, it was difficult to study training, but I was able to spend without feeling the stress of other points.

However, since there was no kitchen in the employee cafeteria or hotel, managing meals was really difficult. There was no environment to cook for myself, and it was every day whether to eat out or take out.

During the training, I had little time to study, and it was difficult to secure even time to eat out. At that time, I remember relying on cup ramen, which was cheap and can be done in a short time.

Looking back now, I think I was overworking my body during my stay at the hotel during the training period.

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