Is an airline school needed to prepare for interviews?

Hello everyone. Igarashi works for a major Japanese airline (domestic flights).

I was asked a question again today. 

“How did you prepare for the interview?” I will answer.

⬛ Is it more advantageous to go to an airline school?

If I answer straight, either is fine.

I went to airline school once a week for six months before the airline interview started.

Apart from that, I went to an English conversation school because my English skills were low.

Recently, some universities have airline courses.

It is said that you can take measures for airline examinations as a class.

If you go to such a university, let’s use it by all means.

In addition, most universities have career centers that provide free interviews, discussion preparation, and ES guidance before job application.

A qualified counselor will give you advice and practice.

I used it many times.

He gave me third-party advice that was different from my airline school teacher, so I relied on him very much.

⬛ Good thing about going to Airline School?

The good things are:

(1) Having all kinds of support
(2) Meeting friends with the same goals

Let’s talk about these two.

⬛ Airline School

I went to a relatively small school, not a major one.

Before I went to that school, I went to a major English conversation and airline school.

However, the atmosphere of the school did not match me. I moved to a small school.

The atmosphere and the goal vary from school to school, so research is required.

I think that it is good to go to the tour many times.

The school I moved to was small and student-like, so the teachers were very friendly. When I didn’t know anything, he told me all of the following:

– Intern selection measures
-ES correction
-ES photography
– Discussions/ interview practice
– Recruit suit / pumps / makeup equipment selection
– Hair and makeup lessons
– Standing behavior
– SPI / English interview preparation

Thanks to that, I was able to take interviews with confidence.

⬛ To meet friends

Meeting friends with the same dreams is one of the driving forces that has overcome difficult airline job application.

I think this depends on the school, but the school I went to had an atmosphere where everyone thought and cooperated when one person was worried.

Of course, it is a rival who applies for the same company, but it is better if three people gather information.

As a result, almost everyone was able to become a CA.

⬛ Can I do without going to an airline school?

You can do the following without having to go to the airline school.

・Use the school’s career center
・Collect information on the Internet
・Step on the number of interviews at other companies before an airline interview and
・Acquire English qualifications early

You don’t have to attend an airline school.

Even if you do not attend airline school, you may pass CA.

However, thanks to meeting trusted teachers and colleagues who can work hard together, I was able to attend the interview with confidence.

I thought it was good to go to airline school.

⬛ Did you value in the interview?

I valued “talking normally with the interviewer”.

There are unexpectedly many people who cannot do this.

You don’t have to win club activities, win any awards, or talk about such amazing episodes.

The most important thing is to be able to properly talk about your part-time job experience and what you have worked.

CA is a job that interacts with many customers.

In addition to the atmosphere and first impressions of the examinees, the interviewer is very much looking at the way they speak.

If you can’t play verbal catch well with the interviewer, you can’t talk to customers, can you?

To do so, make a number of drawers so that you can answer all questions.

Self-analysis is more important than anything else.

In addition, it is important to know in advance the different colors for each airline.

It is recommended to perform the following corporate analysis firmly.

・What does the company want
・Why is this company better than other companies
・How much do you know about the company
・Will you work for a long time
・New graduates or graduates already?

Research thoroughly the people your company is looking for.

In interviews, you need to increase the number of word drawers so that you can answer all questions.

And try to talk to the interviewer so that you can enjoy the conversation instead of talking in full memorizes.

CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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