CA is a physical work! Introduce how to care beauty and health

Hello everyone. Igarashi works for a major Japanese airline (domestic flights).

I was asked a question again today. 

“Are there any things you care about for beauty/health?” I will answer.

CA has an irregular life since working hours change every day.

Even if it is a domestic flight, we may get up at 4:00 in the early morning or fly until 10:00 at night.

It is necessary to adjust the cycle of the body.

In airplanes, the air pressure is lower than on the ground, so it is easy to feel fatigue to the body.

There are also force tasks such as baggage storage and cart operation.

If it is an international flight, there is a time difference in addition to that, so the burden on the body is even greater.

We live in a hotel for more than 10 nights a month. When I’m in a hotel, my body doesn’t rest more than when I’m at home.

I work in harsh environments every day, so some colleagues get sick and take time off work.

In particular, it can be difficult to cure if we suffer from occupational diseases such as aerotitis.

In such a case, there is a colleague who has been working full-time for one year.

I will introduce how CA, who is a professional in physical condition management, devises to stay healthy every day.

⬛ Meals

Ca, which often spends about 10 nights a month at a stay destination, often eats out.

I will introduce what kind of meal I try to eat there.

– Go to the supermarket to buy vegetables and fruits
– Take protein
-Eat fish dishes that are difficult to cook at restaurants
-Limit carbohydrates / lipids
– Do not eat only additives and processed foods
– Consume fermented foods such as natto
– Drink green juice and vitamin drinks
– Drink plenty of water
– Do not eat too much late at night
– Be sure to eat breakfast
– Cook as much as possible when you can prepare your own meals

In this way, diet is the foundation of health above all else.

When I can’t cook my own meals, I try to eat meals with a nutritional balance.

Eating delicious food at the destination is the real pleasure of CA. However, I do various things to work energetic every day.

Of course, eating what you like and giving yourself rewards are also necessary for a breather.

However, maintaining body shape is one of the jobs, so it is important not to get fat or too thin.

⬛ How to spend time at the hotel

CA is a professional in hotel living. I do various things as follows to get in shape at the place of stay.

– Moisturize the room
– Soak in the bathtub
– Stretch before going to bed
– Bring your favorite fragrance so that you can sleep well
– Take a walk
– Bove your body

I’m in good shape at the stay destination so that my body can rest. When you are healthy, you may want to refresh yourself by sightseeing at your stay.

⬛ how to spend a day off

There are about two ways to spend your days off.

– Relaxing at home
– Playing energetic outside

I don’t have much physical strength, so I’m the type to spend time at home.

I used to go to the gym twice a week, but I quit it to avoid the risk of close contact under corona disaster.

Instead, I do training and stretching at home.

I cook my own meals.

In addition, as a maintenance day, I go to beauty salons, hospitals, and plastic surgery, and I also go to hobbies and lessons.

Basically, I put a lot of weight on resting and adjusting my body.

I used to travel abroad two or three times a year to refresh myself before the coronal disaster.

The service industry is also attractive because it is easy to take holidays during the off-season.

Because I understand my physical strength, I try not to cram too much schedule and play within the range that is not unreasonable.

This is also one of the physical condition management.

Outdoor colleagues also go out drinking with friends after the night flight is over. (This is a story before the corona disaster.) If her flight ends early before a holiday, she seems to be flying from the airport to play. Anyway, she packed a lot of appointments and went out and moved her body to refresh her.

I am invited by such a colleague, and it is a fun to spend holidays actively and occasionally.

There are many travel lovers in CA, so even if it is a 2-3 day break, I sometimes go on domestic trips or go abroad nearby.

That’s where what I’ve experienced in my work. In addition, refreshing the mind and body leads to health.

⬛ You have a high awareness of beauty?

There are many beautiful CAs on every airline. There are many colleagues who have a high sense of beauty and health.

Here are some of the beauty methods that CA is doing.

– Going to a sports gym
– Whitening teeth
– Maintaining hair and skin
– Going to hair removal and massage
– Exercising such as running
– Visiting saunas and hot springs

Since joining the company, I have been able to learn a lot of knowledge about beauty, thanks to my colleagues.

I feel that not only the appearance but also the inside is well prepared. This leads to long working as a CA.

CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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