It is like a hotel? CA-Recommended Airplanes

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What is your favorite airplane?” I will answer.

Previously, my colleague said, “I loved airplanes and aimed for CA.” However, that wasn’t the reason I aimed for CA. While working, I knew the difference and charm of each aircraft. This time, I would like to introduce some exciting airplanes that I fly with.


This is a relatively small Airbus plane that I was on board when I was working for a Chinese airline. I often used LCC airplanes when I traveled in Asia, and I often saw them.

There is only one aisle in the cabin. The number of seats varies depending on the airline, but it is about 110 to 180 seats, and it is a very compact aircraft.

The reason I like the A319, A320 and A321 is that the number of CA and passengers is small because the cabin is relatively small. So you can fly in a homey atmosphere.

The cabin is large enough to look out from front to back. For this reason, communication and signaling between CAs also proceed smoothly, and it was easy to work.

However, there were some customers who felt that the seat spacing was cramped compared to the large aircraft because there was no screen.

Therefore, it is not an aircraft that is highly evaluated by travelers, and I have the impression that it is often used for short flights.


This is the aircraft used by the Middle Eastern airline where I currently work.

Compared to the compact Airbus aircraft introduced above, the B777 is a relatively large aircraft that can fly with three to four times as many passengers.

As a CA, my favorite point of this aircraft is that the galley (kitchen in the airplane) is larger than anything else.

My small future dream is to live in a house with a large kitchen. I think that women and housewives in particular can sympathize with the feeling.

As a structure of the aircraft, the B777 has a relatively large galley space and work.

Another reason I like it is that there is space for every crew to sit down and relax for having a meal after the service ends.

In addition, among the aircraft that I have served so far, it is relatively resistant to shaking. We can have a stable flight.


When I first used this aircraft, I remember how impressed I was in many ways, including the splendor of the interior, the size of the scale, and the size of the seats.

Because this aircraft is very large, the number of customers is large. For this reason, I feel that riding the A380 is a bit of a heavy labor. Lol

Each airline has a different interior and seating format for the same aircraft. The A380’s appeal for a traveler is that the traveler can use the lounges and shower spas in Business Class and Economy Class.

When I first saw it, I remember being very moved by the space that made me feel like a hotel. I didn’t think I was in the sky.

However, due to corona virus, the aviation industry is currently in a difficult situation. In addition, there are circumstances that maintenance costs are very high for the aircraft of the A380. I hear that there are many companies that unfortunately go bankruptcy recently.

When the world returns to normal where we can easily travel around the world, I expect to see it in many places.

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