What I do as a reward for myself / CA works hard

Hello everyone. I work for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What is your reward?” I will answer.

Sometimes when I work, I feel very tired physically and mentally. It is very important to reward myself in such a case! This time, I would like to introduce some of the things that I do as a reward for myself.

■ “Massage” to relieve body fatigue and stiffness

A good reward for myself is massage! CA’s work is often left standing, and the influence of atmospheric pressure often causes the body to peel off. That’s what I do when I’m off work. I go for a massage at my stay and reward my body. I ask for a 60-minute massage course and foot reflexology, but I sometimes upgrade to 90 minutes on days when I worked hard. Sometimes I go together with my colleagues. That’s a fun.

I also sometimes go to the hairdresser’s for a head spa massage. I can refresh myself very much by loosening the stiffness of my head! In addition, there is also a lift-up effect of the face and a beautiful hair effect, so I try to go at least once every two months as much as possible.

After receiving a massage, I can feel like I will do my best from tomorrow!

■ Happy to eat “Eat delicious food at your stay destination!”

Eating at the stay destination is a very good motivation for CA. Before my work begins, I can research delicious food in the destination, or mark the restaurant I want to go to. There is also a very gourmet CA inside, so the CA often teaches me delicious shops.

I am a big sweet party, so I often enjoy sweets. Sometimes I buy several kinds and try to eat and compare them by my person. I regret that I ate too much later, but I’m glad that it’s a reward for myself lol. 

I also enjoy local cuisine with the crew. I can try various things with a large number of colleagues to enjoy the reward.

■ Fun from planning! “Travel”

As a daily reward, if I have a few days off, I will go on excursions to nearby areas and countries. If I have a cohesive break, I’ll go on a trip farther. “Do you still travel when you often go to different countries for work?” Some of you may think. However, going for work and traveling in private are still different things lol.

Fortunately, CA can travel at a relatively low price using the ticket discount system. That may be one of the reasons why I can easily go on a trip.

It is a tough situation to travel now, so I haven’t been able to travel for a while. However, in the old days, I often traveled to Europe and Southeast Asia. I’m also looking forward to planning my trip, so I’m going to do my best while thinking about traveling.

I hope the day when I can travel easily comes back as soon as possible.

■ I’m not going to do anything today! “Have a lazy day”

Have you had a day when you don’t want to do anything? The CA is the same. Especially the next day when I come back from a long-haul flight, I feel tired and jetlag. I don’t want to do anything lol. On such a day, as a reward for myself, I will be lazy to my own end. I sleep as much as I want, I don’t do housework or cooking, I do what I love all day long.

In my case, I eat sweets while watching my favorite movies and reading books. It’s good to have such a day once in a while. Being honest with my body is one of the rewards for me.

So, this time I introduced four rewards for myself. There are many other things I do as a reward, such as buying what I wanted to buy or going to an afternoon tea. I always think about what makes me happy and spend every day, which motivates me. What are you doing as a reward for yourself?

CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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