Reason why I chose a foreign airline. I dreamed of moving abroad.

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Why did you choose a foreign company?” I will answer.

I think that many people will be lost in choosing Japanese airlines or foreign airlines when aiming for CA. Since I decided to aim for CA, I have focused on foreign airlines to practice countermeasures and interviews. This time, I would like to share an episode about why I chose a foreign airline.

◾️ Want to live abroad

I did not want to become a CA in an early age. It was not a dream or a longing.

I became interested in working abroad when I was a student at a short school. While my people were looking for a job, I was thinking about how I could leave Japan and live while working in a foreign country. After graduating in the fall of my sophomore year, I decided to study abroad in the Philippines for a short period of time and go on a working holiday to Canada.

At that time, I never imagined that I would become a CA later. The event that changed my life to CA was that my homeroom teacher said just before my graduation from junior college “What if you became a CA?” When I heard that, I was like, “No, no.”

However, when you become a CA, you can live while working abroad, and you can travel as you love. I realized that everything I wanted to do will come true.

◾️ Aim for a foreign airline CA

After that, I’m going to become a foreign CA and live abroad! I switched to the feeling. So I want to be able to communicate more in English! I thought, I focused on the improvement of English conversation.

Then, I abandoned my working holiday. Immediately after returning from studying in the Philippines, I started taking the CA exam. As a result of thinking about aiming for CA in a short period of time, I decided to go to an airline school. So, after listening to the stories of seniors who worked for Japanese and foreign airlines, I was able to notice the difference between Japanese and foreign companies.

Since I was taking the CA examination for the purpose of moving abroad, I decided to aim for a foreign airline CA instead of a Japanese one. After that, I remember spending time focusing on foreign airline-related measures and interview practice.

◾️ Foreign airlines vary from airline to airline

There are many foreign airlines that only serve On Japan lines.

When I started taking the CA exam, I had a strong desire to live abroad first. For this reason, I didn’t really think about which route I would be on after joining the company.

I first joined the Chinese airline. With that airline, all the crew were able to fly all the routes. Even on the Middle Eastern airlines where I currently work, the crew can fly to all destinations regardless of nationality. There are various forms of flight depending on the company, so I hope that it will be helpful for those who are aiming for a foreign airline CA.

◾️ Good thing to become a foreign airline CA

According to the company, I feel that there is little vertical relationship, and it is relatively easy for newcomers to work.

The members who fly together on each flight change, so you can fly with a multinational crew. In this way, having an international exchange and environment through work is also a moment when my heart is danced.

My dream of moving abroad has come true. I think it is the best thing to be a foreign airline CA.

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