Whether I am satisfied with my salary / CA’s Salary Situation

Hello everyone. Rio works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Are you satisfied with your salary?” I will answer.

I think that the salary situation is one of the points to be very interested for those who aim to become CA. When I was taking the CA exam, I was a little worried about how much I could get.

In conclusion, I personally am satisfied with the salary I am currently receiving.

I will explain the reason with a detailed breakdown of my salary.

■Breakdown of salary

Depending on the company, the breakdown of my salary at the company I work for is as follows.

– Basic salary
– Flight allowance
– Perdiam (stay allowance paid at stay)

The basic salary is a fixed salary that can be received regardless of the number of flights per month. The flight allowance and perdiam are hourly wages that vary from flight to flight.

The number of flights changes every month, so you don’t get the same salary every month.

The basic salary that you can get every month is not expensive at all, so it is a feeling that I should not be satisfied with it.

■Other benefits

In addition to the actual salary, there are expenses that the company pays as follows.

– Health insurance
– Employee dormitories (heating and lighting expenses)
– Transportation to and from the airport
– Cleaning of uniforms
– Free tickets once a year (round trip)

The company I work for offers free employee dormitories as housing assistance. It’s been pretty helpful that I do not to have to pay the rent.

Employee dormitories are shared houses with other crew members. The kitchen and living room are large, so you can live without stress.

■Why I am satisfied with my salary

The reason why I am satisfied with my salary based on the breakdown of the salary mentioned above and the benefits is that, I think it is enough to enhance my life and save money.

Considering only the face value of the salary, I feel that it will not be so much higher from the salary of general Office Lady’s in Japan. However, considering the benefits part, I think that the treatment is better.

Of course, I don’t think it would be nice if my salary was higher. However, I think that it is enough because I do not have to pay for the rent and can have savings for what I want to do.

In addition, the perdiam (stay allowance) is slight, but it is quite high treatment when you think that you are paid even when shopping at the place of stay or sleeping.

Compared to other jobs, there are relatively many days off. I am very satisfied with the treatment in such a part.

■Negative aspects

If you’re going to give a little negativity, there’s no pay rise based on years of service, and there’s a wave in my salary depending on the number of flights.

Many companies have adopted a regular salary increase system in which salaries increase depending on the length of service, but unfortunately there is no such system in the company where I work.

I think that I envy it when I talk with friends who work at a company that has a regular salary increase system.

In addition, there are months when you can’t make money at all because you don’t have control over the number of flights.

In particular, the number of flights has decreased considerably compared to before. For this reason, my salary has been reduced considerably.

There are certainly negative aspects, but personally I am very satisfied because I am paid for labor.

Not to mention salaries and benefits, the experience gained by working as a CA is an irreplaceable asset. I think I’m very happy that I’m making money doing what I love.

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