Encountering a medical site? Flights with frequent emergencies

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What’s your memorable job?” I will answer.

I think everyone who works as a CA has a memorable flight. I also have many flights of memories so far. This time, I would like to introduce a flight where an event that I do not experience much in my daily life occurred.

■Unconscious customers

This happened on the flight I was on for traveling to my current workplace.

With the loneliness of leaving Japan, I remember boarding while being thrilled with my new life in a new land.

As I boarded, I was thrilled with the interior of the cabin, which I will be working on now, and the cool appearance of the crew who are working. It was a late-night flight, but I was around from beginning to end. Lol

As I sat down, a senior Japanese person called out to me, “Come and visit the galley (the kitchen on the plane) if you like.”

And the crew, whose first flight was that day, also said, “Let’s do our best!” He took a picture with a polo ride camera.

The incident occurred the moment the service invited me to the galley and greeted me with “Nice to meet you.”

■ Frequent number of sudden sick people!?

One customer rushed to the galley and said, “Customer is falling down!” He said, “I’m not going to do that.”

Immediately, the crew there went to see it, and conscious and dumb, he was down in the aisle.

On that day, the crew in charge of economy happened to be Japanese. They immediately rushed to the customer to check on his symptoms and condition.

Other crews were prepared for emergency use or reported to the parser. I was really interested in great teamwork.

For the time, his condition has recovered. I returned to my seat with a little tinge and kept quiet until I got to Dubai.

According to the senior, the customer collapsed three times on the flight.

On long flights, sitting all the time often causes poor blood flow and makes you feel sick.

After I started working, my seniors taught me that there are many customers who become relatively unwell on the Japan Line. I think that it is related to the fact that when a customer on the aisle is sleeping, the window side cannot speak with care.

However, I never thought I would encounter a medical field on a flight. I remember feeling tight for training.

■ What happened on my first flight?

This was the first flight I had as a free-serving CA.

Luckily, my first flight was on the Osaka route to where I was from. So, I remember going to work while I was very exited to meet my family and friends after a long absence.

However, the incident occurred when the crew was preparing for takeoff after boarding.

When I was working on my own for the takeoff regime, I suddenly got a call from another crew. The content was “Japanese customers are drunk, so come early”.

When I rushed in a hurry, there was a Japanese man lying in the aisle. There was little consciousness, and the conversation was not possible.

However, it was just before takeoff, so due to safety issues, we had to put on our seat belts to our customers.

I desperately told him about it, but it was impossible. So I asked two male crew members with permission from the wife and had them carry him to his seat.

After takeoff, I spoke to his wife and she said that he felt better in the airport lounge and drank a lot of wine that he usually doesn’t drink that much.

When I landed in Osaka, I was relieved because he was completely recovered. However, it was my first flight, and I didn’t expect this to happen, so it was a flight I would never forget.

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