Is the first heart-beating flight a photo competition? Talk about test flights

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Where was the first country you flighted?” I will answer.

I think everyone who works as a CA had a great time on their first flight. I still vividly remember the tension before my first flight and the feeling of taking off for the first time. This time, I would like to share about my first flight.

■Pounding Maldives Line

This is the story of my first flight at work. Every airline has a test flight called SNY (In Japanese, “OJT”) before working as an independent CA. On the Chinese airline where I used to work, SNY was for about two weeks. At current work, there were only two flights: a day flight and a layover flight.

My day flight was on the Maldives route. And from the beginning, pounding did not stop. However, I remember going to work with great excitement on the day.

When we entered the briefing (pre-flight meeting) room, other crew members had already gathered. And the crew in charge of economy greeted me with a very welcoming atmosphere.

And when I got to my seat, she said, “It’s my first flight, isn’t it?” Are you nervous? You don’t have to!”, she said. And the other crew who heard it said, “Er! It’s your first time! I’ll take a lot of pictures! She called out to me. Thanks to that, my tension was unraveled.

■Photo Competition

As an aside, there are relatively many crew members who like to take pictures at work. Lol

As for the above story, when the briefing was over, and the crew in charge of economy said, “I’ll take a picture!” She said, and took a picture. After that, there was a photo competition from beginning to the end of the flight. Lol

During the flight, we may photograph a customer with a Polaroid camera as part of the service and give it to him/her as a collection of memories.

After the service is over and the customer fell asleep, the other crew took a lot of pictures and group photos of me with the camera. Thanks to the film camera that provides an exquisite and good taste, the photograph became a treasure of my lifetime.

I love the camera service because our customers are very willing to have it. Unfortunately, due to corona virus, the service is currently suspended. I really hope it will be back as soon as possible.

■ Flights full of happiness

As I walked through the cabin, a couple ordered champagne. When I heard about it, I knew that he was going on a honeymoon to the Maldives.

I immediately reported it to the other crew. Then the other crew talked to first class and business class about the situation and brought the little cakes and chocolates that were left over.

We used them to make message plates and went to celebrate with cakes and champagne with cameras. The customers around me also participated, and they were both very happy. I remember well that the cabin was full of happiness.

■View from cockpit

Depending on the airline, the crew of the test flight may be allowed to take off or land in the cockpit.

To be honest, when I knew that the Maldives route was a day flight, it was a bit disappointing. However, the crystal clear sea from the cockpit was really beautiful, and it was so impressive that I forgot what I was sorry about.

The return time was at night, so the landing was while watching the beautiful night view of Dubai. I was moved by the unreal world that I could not express in words, and I thought it was good to become a CA.

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