What is the recruitment criteria to become a foreign CA?

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What do I need to do to become a CA?” I will answer.

I think that some people are wondering what is necessary to become a foreign CA. This time, I would like to share the minimum criteria for becoming a foreign CA and what I thought was necessary through the interview.

■Criteria for becoming a foreign-affiliated CA

– Educational background
– Age
– Height
– Eyesight
– English ability
– Adaptability

Everyone who has cleared the above six conditions is eligible to become a CA. The contents of the conditions vary depending on the airline.

For example, Singapore airlines’ recruitment criteria are as follows:

(1) Junior college, four-year university or higher
(2) 18 years old or older
(3) 158 cm or more
(4) No Visual acuity standard
(5)High English ability
(6) People who can live in Singapore

In addition to the above six, some airlines have the following conditions:

– Those who have good or work experience
– There is no tattoo in the place seen when wearing the uniform
– The mother tongue of the airline can be spoken

You must make sure that you meet the recruitment criteria in advance and submit a review.

■Two characteristics of foreign CA

Above, we talked about recruitment criteria. So, after passing the document screening, what is judged in the interviews?

As I worked as a CA, I realized that the two things below are common to all crew members. In other words, I think two things are being judged by the interviewer.

(1) People with customer service experience

Safety is paramount on board. However, that applies when checking the safety of the cabin or in the event of an emergency. Most of our work is to provide hospitality to our customers.

Therefore, I think that it is attractive for the company to have a crew who have customer service experience and who can respond smoothly to customers. In fact, more than half of what I was asked in the individual interview was about customer service experience.

When I started taking the CA exam, I only had part-time work experience, so I thought it was a disadvantage in the interview.

However, as I was interviewed, I noticed one thing. The company judges what I can do.

As a real experience story, in a group interview with a Chinese airline, I was instructed to introduce myself first.

The first person spoke:

“Hello everyone, my name is XXX. I have been working at Japanese restaurant as a part time.”

The interviewer said, “It’s okay not to announce if you are a full-time employee or a part-time employee.

(2) Those who can adapt to the international environment

When you join a foreign airline, you work with a crew of a different nationality. Therefore, the rules that are commonplace in your home country will not work.

I think that the point the interviewer is looking at is, “Does this person have the power to live in an international environment?”

If you are going to study abroad, “I did my best to study English!” is less attractive than “I was living in a share house with people of various nationalities!” Isn’t it? You can have the interviewer imagine you work in an international environment.

Even if you have never studied abroad, I think it would be good to appeal to the interviewer about your experiences of working with people from overseas in Japan and stories about different cultures.

■The recruitment time is not fixed.

Japanese companies recruit new graduates and graduates at the same time every year. However, foreign airlines do not have such recruitment. In other words, it can be said that we do not know when recruitment will begin. Therefore, it is important to prepare persistently in advance so that recruitment may begin at any time.

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