Make hotel life comfortable! Contents of CA’s suitcase

Hello everyone. Shiro works for a major Japanese airline. I was asked a question again today. “What are the difficulties in hotel life?” I will answer.

◼️ What is a stay that CA often speaks?

CA is flying around Japan and overseas in a decided shift.

However, I can’t come back to my departure point (Tokyo) every day. Depending on the pattern, the work may end in Chitose or Fukuoka, or in New York or Paris.

In such a pattern, we stay in a local hotel. We call this a stay!

◼️ How many stays in a month?

Before corona spread, there were about 8 or 9 stays a month. Even when I went abroad, I stayed five or six times a month.

However, the number of flights has decreased due to corona disaster, and the pattern of stay has decreased considerably. It’s sad.

However, I still stay once or twice a month.

So, when a friend who has nothing to do with the aviation industry uploads a picture of the hotel to SNS etc., I can expect where it is located. Lol

◼️ Difficulties in hotel life

Let’s talk about the main topic of “hard things”!

As I can see, I don’t think it’s hard in a Japanese hotel.

The room is very clean and dingy. Every time I go abroad, I think that Japan is the best (laughs)

However, staying at an overseas hotel starts with looking for a Wi-Fi password. There is also a problem that the water quality of the shower is not well or the wind of the dryer is too weak .

After I’m tired from work, I want to take a rest without thinking about anything, but I can’t do that overseas. Lol

If you would stay many times, you will gradually grasp the characteristics of the hotel and prepare your heart in advance. But I’m still nervous at my first hotel.

◼️ What I carry in my suitcase?

In order to enhance such hotel life, I put various things in my suitcase.

In Japan and overseas, the size of the suitcase is different, so I change my luggage depending on where I go. Here’s a list of what I came up with.


(1) Clothing

– Uniform of replacement
● Plain clothes at the stay destination (including shoes)
☆ Long-sleeved pajamas (especially at overseas hotels, there are many cold places, so I will bring them with me)
– A large amount of stockings (for when it is torn)
– Slippers (I also use the one provided, but there are sometimes hotels without slippers. Folded slippers are mandatory)
☆ Cairo (always put. It is useful in cold regions. )
☆ Compression bag (When going to a cold area, the down jacket is quite bulky. It is convenient to have it)

(2) Beauty

●Bath utensils (shampoos, facial cleansers, etc.)
●Cosmetics (lotion, latex, serum, cleansing, hair oil, etc.)
●Contact supplies
☆ Hot eye mask (I wear it when I go to bed to heal the fatigue of the day. Especially in the cabin where I stand, my legs will edema, so I will take good care for the next morning.)

(3) Electrical appliances

– Kote, dryer (I do not like the hair dryer provided in a hotel so much …)
☆ Hottie (German one is famous, but I bought one at a home center (laughs) I recommend the type to put hot water in it. )
☆ Alarm clock (when I have to get up at 4:00 in the morning, iPhone alarm alone is scary! So I will always set this too)
☆ Folded kettle (I don’t have it yet but plan to buy it! My seniors were carrying it, and I felt that it was good to always use a clean kettle.)
☆ Extension cord (This is very convenient both domestically and internationally. There are many hotels that do not have an outlet at the bedside, and it is convenient when I do not want to use the built-in hair dryer. )

(4) Meals

☆ Food (Donbei noodle is useful because I can bring it overseas with peace of mind)
☆ 2L of water (2L overseas, 500ml in Japan, etc. I use this water when I want to use a kettle.)
☆ Disposable chopsticks (I carry a lot of chopsticks, but I often use them on board and at hotels! I also give it to my colleagues.)

That is it?

I also put various things in my bags. I will introduce them again.

◼️ Conclusion

There is a difficult thing in hotel life, but there are many fun things. Meals and sightseeing unique to stay destinations are one of them.

Depending on the pattern, I arrive at my hotel at night and leave as soon as the next morning! However, there is a little time.

There are days when I am free for a whole day overseas, so going shopping is also a pleasure of hotel life.

Some hotels are difficult to relax in, but I think it depends on what I have.

Find your own relaxing items and items to make you feel comfortable to live a wonderful hotel life!

CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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