What’s my reward? Here are CA’s rewards

Hello everyone. Rio works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What’s your reward?” I will answer.

If you work hard, it is a reward for yourself that you will inevitably want it.

I would like to introduce the rewards for myself.


The first reward is travelling. For CA, it is easy to take a break. CA can use the best tickets for the airline or the partner airlines. For this reason, I think that I will be allowed to travel in an environment where it is easy to travel.

There are many colleagues around me who go on trips every day off, and there are many people in the aviation industry who say “reward = travel”, including me.

Since I have been living abroad for a long time, I often go to hot springs in Japan as a recent reward trip.

Every time I feel the height of Japanese hospitality, I try to imitate it and make use of it in my work.

Of course, there are many people who travel around the world because they have opportunities only while working as a CA.

Machu Picchu and Lake Uyuni are popular places that you should definitely visit while working as a CA because of their poor access from Japan.

It’s hard to go on a trip right now because of the corona, but I’d like to take another reward trip if the situation improves.


The second reward is shopping.

At the stay destination, you can buy branded goods at local prices, and you can get items that are not in stock in Japan. For this reason, we often purchase branded products as a reward.

I still cherish the accessories of famous brands I bought for my first flight.

In addition, non-expensive shopping at supermarkets and drugstores is also a reward. Saying “I did my best!”, it is often counted as a reward. (laughs)

I think that there is one of the crew matter that the suitcase which was empty before the flight is full in the way back.


The third reward is the meal. I love to eat, so I think eating is the best reward.

One of the pleasures is to check out the specialties and popular restaurants at the flight destination before my flight and to plan what to eat.

It is no exaggeration to say that I am working with the goal of eating delicious food at my stay destination. (laughs)

Recently, due to corona, I can no more freely walk around the stay destination. I enjoy my meals using delivery services such as Uber Eats.


The fourth reward is rest, including sleep and relaxation.

In the company where I work, there are relatively many long-distance flights, so when I finish my flight, I often get consecutive holidays.

Compared to work such as general office work, there are many days off that I can get. I think that it is one of the rewards to rumble single-mindedly without doing anything on the day off.

In addition, depending on the country where I stay, relaxation such as massages and spas may be very inexpensive. I think that such a thing is a reward, and I use it positively.

How was this a reward for me?

I think that the reward itself was only applicable to people other than CA. However, when I wrote it again, I feel that there are many things that I enjoy more because I am a CA.

I will continue to do my best to work as a CA for rewards.

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