As expected? Or is it surprising? What kind of character does CA have?

Hello everyone. Monme works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What kind of personality does CA have? I will answer.

It’s hard to lump it together with CA and say, “CA is this kind of character.” So this time, I would like to look at the character of CA around me and introduce the parts that I thought were common.

■”Service spirit is strong” CA wants to please others

I feel that there are many CA’s with a strong service spirit, regardless of whether in private or not. CA around me always wants to do something for friends, family and lovers, even outside of work.

For example, a CA friend who went with me to apply for a visa prepared handmade rice balls and green tea for me in an expectation that we would wait long. Also, a different CA friend remembered that my mask in the house was going to be gone. She ordered a washable mask made of cloth to me so that I could use it repeatedly.

We remember people talking a lot, whether it’s work or not lol. In addition to that, the feeling of wanting to do something for people works in private, and the service spirit becomes vigorous. If the other person feels happy, you will be happy too, right?

■ CA likes “one person’s time”

CA likes to spend time alone. At the place of stay, CA gathers together, and everyone may enjoy sightseeing and eating together. However, from the ratio, it is actually more likely to spend stay time alone. Because of that, I remember to enjoy the time of one person lol.

I myself think it is very important to spend time alone. Before becoming a CA, I hesitated to enter places where it was difficult to enter by myself, such as restaurants and karaoke. But now I can enter them quickly without hesitation, I’m afraid to get used to it lol. Even around me, I go around sweets, go around cafes, go to the gym, etc., “I definitely need time to enjoy my hobbies by my own!” There are so many CA talking about it.

On the other hand, there are many CAs who do not have own time will cause stress lol. However, don’t misunderstand it. I also love to get together and do something together. It’s just a good need for one person’ time.

■ Can we get along for the first time? “Good communication skills”

CA can easily talk to people you meet for the first time because of the job. Most of the passengers we meet on board are the first people we meet. In addition, since the colleagues we work with are different for each flight, we often work for hours with CA that we meet for the first time. At that time, communication skills are important. In such an environment, I think that it is very important as a CA to understand the other party in a short time and to treat it in a way that suits that person.

Also, even in private, friends often bring people they know and play with them.

■ Sudden changes are also familiar. “Flexible”

CAs can adapt quickly without being confused by sudden schedule changes or environmental changes. CA’s work frequently updates the contents of manuals and in-flight services. Therefore, it is necessary to always check for new information and acquire knowledge. In addition, it is often the case that the airplane and destination to which we are flying change on the day. As a result, we will be able to act on an ad-by-your-needs without being surprised by sudden changes on a daily basis.

In addition, there are customers and CA of various nationalities on international routes, so sometimes I feel cultural differences. CA values learning and understanding the other person’s culture each time. As far as I think, there are many CA’s that are constantly learning new things by making full use of flexibility in various situations.

This time, “What kind of character is CA?” I answered.

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