Fragrance is also important on board! Introducing CA-recommended perfumes

Hello everyone. Rio works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What is your recommended perfume?” I will answer.

As long as you interact directly with your customers, grooming becomes very important.

Not only hairstyles and makeup, but I also want to pay attention to the fragrance I wear.

The company I work for has rules about perfumes, and CA uses perfumes as part of grooming.

This time, I will introduce my favorite perfumes and popular perfumes to CA.

JoMalone London English Pear & Freesia Cologne

Jo MALONE, a brand from London that is very popular in Japan, has become one of CA’s most popular perfume brands.

It is often duty-free in-flight, and there are many handling of the brand at airport duty-free shops. It is also a daily routine to see crews rushing into duty-free shops.

English pear & Freesia is the most popular among the many products. The fruitiness of pears and neat aroma of freesia are very elegant, and it is a fragrance that is accepted by all people.

I think that the brand is easy to wear even in a sealed space like the cabin because it smells softly and gently.

If you like refreshing scents, earl grey and cue cumber fragrances are also recommended.

■DAWN Perfume Eau de Parfum Bejmat

Born as a handmade fragrance for Japan, DAWN Perfume is a very unique brand. The fragrance stylist looks for the fragrance that suits you based on the diagnosis of the smell of the skin.

Even if you think that it is a favorite fragrance when you smell it in the tester or when you smell a person wearing it, do you think that it is somehow different when you wear it yourself?

DAWN Perfume classifies each person’s skin smell into nine skin types and diagnoses the scents that match them.

I was diagnosed with Sweet type skin, and I was recommended a perfume called Bejmat, which is mainly bergamot, from among a number of fragrances. It is a perfume with the theme of purifying with fragrance, and it is very healed even on board with a refreshing fragrance.

Skin type diagnosis is quite popular every month and it is difficult to make a reservation. However, it is a very recommended perfume brand for those who want to wear a special fragrance that does not suffer much from people.


Founded in France in 1803, the perfume of the comprehensive beauty specialty store Officine Universale Buly is an aqueous perfume that does not contain alcohol or ethanol. It is characterized by being gently familiar and fragrant.

I think that the unique fragrance is very elegant, and it smells moderately.

Al Kassir is an exotic fragrance based on sandalwood, geranium and cardamom that a good woman seems to be wearing (laughs)

In addition to Al Kassir, there are many other brands that are absolutely unique, such as fragrances in collaboration with the Louvre.

There are buly shops in Japan, but the shops in Paris have an atmosphere and are very nice. It is one of the places I want you to visit when you go to Paris.

Calligraphy services with names and messages also make you feel very stylish and special. It is also recommended as a souvenir and present.

How was my recommended perfume? I hope it will be helpful for choosing perfume.

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