How do you meet CA? How to find a CA boyfriend

Hello everyone. Monme works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “How do you find a boyfriend?” I will answer.

“How is CA looking for a boyfriend in an irregular shift?” “How can I meet CA?” I have often received questions personally, lol. So this time, I would like to introduce how CA finds a boyfriend.

■ This is useful in today’s era “using apps”

Recently, it has become common to get to know people through apps. In CA, more and more people are making boyfriends through apps. CA works shift, so the range of encounters will inevitably be narrow. For example, CA, which has many weekday holidays, is difficult to meet office workers on weekends and holidays. Therefore, for CA, an app that allows her to get to know various people is very convenient.

There are various types of matching apps, but there are many people around me who use billing-based matching apps. In addition, there is also CA who make a boyfriend through SNS sites and language exchange apps without thought.

■ It is important to expand the circle around you! “Gokon”

I often hear rumors that “CA has a lot of gokon” Lol To be honest, I think there are many opportunities for gokon. Personally, I’m not the type who likes gokon very much, so I’ve only participated in it so much that I can count it with one hand. However, some CAs like gokon and participate several times a month, where they find a boyfriend.

An old CA said, “I like Gokon because I can expand the circle around me. I remember saying, “I’m not going to do that.” That’s right, by participating in gokon, you can meet people you don’t usually meet. In addition, it seems that there are many cases where it develops into love from there because it often connects with the friends of the people who met at the gokon.

■ Do you feel somehow thirsty? “In-house love”

There are many in-house relationships in the aviation industry. There are people who have an in-house relationship with CA around me. So, I briefly summarized the triggers of in-house romance below.

・ Get along well while working with the same captain and co-pilot many times

・ The opportunity to go to a meal with the captain and co-pilot at the stay destination deepens the exchange

・ Get along well while talking with mechanics on board and develop into a love affair

・ Get to know each other through employee-only combinations.

In-house, CA also is involved with people from various industries. However, the most likely love partner is still the captain and co-pilot. However, in the CA world, rumors and gossip stories are very quick to turn around lol. Because of that, there are actually a lot of CA that avoids love in the company lol.

■ Is it like a movie? “Get to know each other on board”

“Er, on board?” There are some people who think that. In fact, there are cases where you became friends with the customer on board and developed into a love relationship. A veteran CA who I worked with the other day got married a person she met on board. She met the customer in business class on a long-haul line. Also, coincidentally, the flight with the customer repeated, and the customer was sitting in the exact same seat. I feel some fate, don’t I? 

In particular, long-haul flights take longer, so you have more time to talk to your customers. CA is only on the plane as a job. “I’m going to find my boyfriend on board!” I honestly don’t think there is much CA of such spirit lol. But CA is also human. Chances and fates overlap, and you may find a nice person on board.

This time, “How do you find a boyfriend?” I answered.

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