The worst flight experience with a broken heart

Hello everyone. I’m Sunny, who works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “What was your worst experience at work?” I will answer.

Until now, I’ve had a good time with my colleagues without anything happening on most flights. However, there were some flights that were too painful to forget. I think that everyone who is on board has a hard flight experience. This time, I would like to share about the worst events of the past for me.

■The first day when my heart was broken

Before serving as a CA, there was a final confirmation test called SNY (OJT on Japanese airlines). SNY flights are an actual flight I am on. I am rated by the parser.

I remember going to work on my first SNY day with a lot of excitement.

My flight departed at 12:00 p.m. and arrived at 6:00 p.m. It was a round trip for about 6 hours. The colleague’s schedule for the day was to make three short flights a day. However, since I was on SNY, I was going to serve two of them.

Before each flight, the crew on board had a briefing (pre-flight meeting) at the head office. But I had to join a crew that was already on a flight. So I didn’t participate in the briefing, but I was to go to the airport and board the plane directly.

However, I remember that the airport for me on the first day was like a wide maze, and it was very narrow-hearted.

When I arrived at the gate safely, I was told that the aircraft I would be on board had not arrived yet because of the bad weather. Therefore, I decided to wait for about an hour alone.

■ First takeoff is not successful?

As the plane arrived, I first greeted the crew. And, after getting ready, “let’s leave!” I thought that. It was delayed due to the effects of heavy rain and strong winds.

By that time, the other crew had already finished one flight. So, if I continue the flight as it is, the working hours will exceed the prescribed time, so I decided to go home.

■ Finally takeoff!?

When I returned to the head office with the crew returning home, I participated in a crew briefing formed on standby (members of shifts who sometimes come to work when there is a shortage of human resources).

And then I went to the airport again, re-prepared on the ground, and I said, “I can finally take off!” I thought. However, the next delay of 1.5 hours was decided due to a malfunction of the plane. By that time, it was already around 16:00.

At that time, more than half of the passengers were angry because it was already after the passengers boarded the aircraft. But I couldn’t speak Chinese, so I didn’t know what to do. So, I remember checking the toilet more than necessary for the time being. Lol

After a six-hour delay, we finally took off for the first time at 6:00 p.m., when we were originally scheduled to land.

■ The beginning of a nightmare flight

But the excitement was a moment. The weather was very bad and the cabin was unlimited. And I was nervous and had not eaten anything since morning and my physical condition was the worst.

In my mind, I thought that if I didn’t get an evaluation here, my efforts so long would be a bubble of water. However, it is stabbed to the smell of an unfamiliar meal peculiar to China at the time of the tray collection, and I went to the toilet. Lol

Even on the return flight, the weather was rough and rough, and after all, it was blown by the smell at the time of tray collection, and I went to the toilet again. Lol

I remember it was two o’clock in the morning when I landed safely and went home exhausted.

Now that I think about it, it was a flight that should have been rescheduled for overtime work hours. However, at that time I didn’t know right or left, so I was in pain without saying anything.

The impression of the first day is “It was just painful”. It was hard enough to really think about how I could do it here. After all, it was a day when I felt strongly that I had to protect myself at a foreign company.

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