A secret flower garden? Where is CA on board?

Hello everyone. Shiro works for a major Japanese airline. I was asked a question again today. “Are there any secrets you can’t tell your customers?” I will answer.

◼️Where is a CA?

When you’re on a plane, do you suddenly think that there is no CA around?

“There must have been about 10 CAs who greeted me, but I saw about 5 people.”

She is not in the aisle or near the toilet.

Of course, she has not disappeared, nor is it sitting with the customer.

We’re just taking turns for a break!

◼️ Tbypes of break

After the drink service and meal service, CA takes turns taking a break at the time when it is a little while.

Breaks are mainly:

– Meal break

– Sleep break

There are two types above.

◼️ Meal Break

When I take a break for my meal, I eat in either the front kitchen or the back kitchen.

Our meal at that time is a speed game!

You can’t eat longer than your seniors, and you have to react immediately to your call button. If that happens, you will inevitably eat fast (laughs)

There are no chairs in the kitchen, so we are almost standing.

The appearance of eating fast while standing is not a figure that can be seen by customers at all … (laughs)

So we close the curtains in the kitchen to eat!

“When the curtain is closed, it is difficult to call out even if there is a use …” I think that there are some people who think that.

However, you can come in when you want a drink even during our break.

If you don’t have the courage to open the curtains, press the call button and I’ll come right away. (I would be relieved that we can’t see how we eat fast lol)

In the movie Happy Flight, there was a scene where we were eating while stepping on something like a foot point in the kitchen.

I haven’t seen anyone who actually does it yet, but it’s pretty hard to stand up after working.

I understand the feeling that I want to push the foot point well.

There are many times when I wanted to take off my pumps and eat. This is because it is painful and edema if it remains a heel for 10 hours. Of course, I have never taken off my pumps on board (laughs)

After joining the company, I learned how important aftercare is at the end of work.

◼️ Sleep Break

This is limited to international flights.

This break is different from the meal break, so we take off the pumps because we will take a break in a place that is not visible to the customer!

It’s a relaxing time for a while.

As many of you know, airplanes used for international flights have a secret room for CA and pilots to take a break. It’s called Crewbank.

I hear rumors that the pilot’s room is larger than the CA room, but I can’t understand it because I’ve never entered….

This rumor may be true because in-flight meals are often more luxurious for pilots than CA. I envy!

The place is in a place that is difficult for customers to understand, and I can not tell you details about security, but it is narrow anyway! (laughs)

Because it is a sleeping room, it is pitch black and the ceiling is low, so I have hit my head many times.

Before I joined the company, I assumed a bed like a hotel, but it was too naïve … Lol

If you search for “Crew Bank” in the Internet search, I think that the following image will appear.

Image source: https://stat.ameba.jp/user_images/20190215/04/tokyocrewclub1/37/d4/j/o05111037814356380543.jpg?caw=800

I also searched and knew, but the atmosphere of Crewbank is still different depending on the company.

If we don’t rest well here, we’ll be exhausted on long flights, so whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, you’ll go to bed anyway!

But it’s a sleep break, so of course I have to go back to work.

Can I bring an alarm clock to get up on time? Before joining the company, I had been wondering it, but the answer is NO.

The time to finish the break is often different. In a dark and quiet space, “Jiriririri! If that sound rings, it will bother other CA (laughs)

The whole cabin becomes dark lighting and the customer often sleeps, so the alarm to make a sound is absolutely NG.

So we use an alarm clock that doesn’t sound. CA often uses vibrating earphone-type alarm clocks or Apple Watches.

There are a lot of people around me who use the Apple Watch, including me. This also vibrates with the arm and tells the time.

I can’t get up with vibrations when I am sleeping at home on holiday, so I may be taking a sleep break with a certain amount of tension.

◼️ Addition

In the kitchen, we mainly have the same meals as our customers. On domestic flights, we also receive bento boxes prepared by the company.

Some CA’s eat their own bentos and sweets, but I’m eating company-prepared ones to save money….

And in rare cases, customers bring sweets to CA.

On domestic flights, pilots may also buy local specialties between flights.

In such a time, I appreciate them in the kitchen!

If you think that the cabin smells of sweets, please guess (laughs)

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