There is a cry and a laugh, CA training situation

Hello everyone. I work for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Is training hard?” I will answer. After joining CA, what we are waiting for is “initial training”. Today, I would like to talk about what kind of initial training CA is doing.

■ Do we learn every word? “Security training” is tough

As a CA, our most important business is to keep our customers safe on board. Therefore, security training is strictly conducted on any airline. This is because mistakes in security-related operations are not allowed. In some Asian airlines, the screening process cannot be passed if we do not remember the manual. CA needs to handle security operations at any time without mistakes, so it is important to keep security knowledge in mind.

In addition, aircrafts are not limited to one model, and there are often many. Depending on the type of airplane, the way the door is operated, the location and number of emergency equipment, etc. vary. Therefore, there are a lot of things to remember during initial training. During the initial training, I almost got a punctured head many times lol.

■ Is it completely different from the usual CA? Training for emergencies”

CA also conducts training in case of emergency. CA always has a calm atmosphere. However, in the event of an emergency, we will change with the leader to protect the lives of our customers. Therefore, sometimes we have to speak loudly and guide you to the exit. On my airline, there is an airplane built for emergency escape training in the training center, where we can simulate smoke, shaking, and explosions. CA is trained to guide customers to escape slides and escape safely in such situations.

In addition to emergency escapes, CA conducts training for an emergency, including training for emergency landings using pools and how to digest fires. This kind of training is mentally and physically difficult, so unfortunately some CA will drop out of training along the way. However, it is painful, so we support our training colleagues and overcome the training!

■ “First aid training” so that many lives can be saved

CA receives first aid training in addition to security training and emergency security training. To give you an example of first aid:

How to use AED

Heart massage for adults, children and infants

Treatment method according to the symptoms of sudden sick people such as anaphylaxis shock and hypoglycemia

First aid method for fractures and trauma

Support for passengers giving birth on board

Personally, it was hard to remember technical terms such as the name of the disease and the name of the drug. (Especially in English, it’s more confusing lol.) CA needs to acquire a wide range of knowledge because it is not possible to know when and what will happen on board.

In the training of the airline where I work, CA conducts training around role-playing. Since it is not certain in advance what symptoms a person with a sudden sick will complain of, it is necessary to have knowledge firmly so that any symptom can be responded to immediately. I didn’t get used to this tension at all times lol.

■ “In-flight service training” for a comfortable trip for customers

Speaking of CA training, many people have this impression. In the in-flight service training, we first learn basic things such as how to use words and grooming. Afterwards, we will learn about wine and other liquors and how to work efficiently in the galley (on-board kitchen).

We also respond to complaints and train in-flight announcements. My own training inspired me to get to know myself very well.

Trainees receive OJT training after these trainings and reviews have been finished. In OJT training, we will work with seniors on the actual flight and finally confirm what we have learned in the training so long.

“Is training hard?” “Training is hard.” However, there is more to learn than I think. In addition, while helping each other with synchronization, the synchronization relationship deepens with the training. In the end, I wondered, “I’m happy to have been trained” and smiled.

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