Surprisingly everyday events!? Troublesome Customer Episodes

Hello everyone. Rio works for a foreign airline. I was asked a question again today. “Were there any customers who were in trouble?” I will answer.

I think that it is very lucky if you are in the hospitality business and have never met a troublesome customer.

Of course, there are many encounters with troublesome customers even on board. In particular, since I work for a foreign airline, I think that I have more troubles related to customers than Japanese cabin crew do whose main customers are Japanese. (laughs)

I will introduce several examples from among the many troublesome customer episodes.

■ Passengers who cannot sit in the designated seat

There are so many customers who don’t want to sit in a reserved seat despite all seats being reserved.

Of course, there are various reasons, and unless it is full, we will move and exchange seats so that we can respond to the request. However, there are some troublesome customers who sometimes claim to have other customers’ seats or seats in different classes.

In principle, my company prohibits moving to another class, so such a customer will have to return to his/her original seat. Basically, there is no problem even if the customer moves to a seat in the same class.

In the first class seat of my company, each seat has a door and it is a specification that it becomes a private room. There was a time when economy class passengers sneaked in and were resting there. I was very surprised.

Of course, I immediately made him return to his original seat. However, I was a little impressed that it was a great courage to jump over business class and sneak into first class. (laughs)

The crew is not clearly informed of who will be seated in which seat, until boarding is complete. Seat changes can only be made in a limited form.

If you have the seat you want, it is recommended that you tell the ground staff at check-in.

■ Customers who get drunk by drinking too much alcohol

In all cabins, including economy class, my company serves food and drinks as part of the fare.

There is no clear requirement for upper limit for each passenger, so we provide meals and drinks to meet the cusotmer needs as much as possible. Sometimes it’s alcohol that becomes a problem.

Because of the atmospheric pressure, it is said that the consumption of alcohol on board is twice as likely to be drunk on the ground. In fact, there are many customers who drink too much without knowing it.

Of course, if a customer feels that he/she is obviously drinking too much, we may stop offering it. However, it can be difficult to refuse to high class and VIP customers such as in business class and first class.

Some business class passengers were refused alcohol by CA, who is in charge of business class, and then went for drinking beer at each galley in Economy Class.

The customer was so drunk that he couldn’t get up at the time of preparation for landing, and after landing he was dropped off in a wheelchair.

It was a customer with a connecting point. He would not have been able to connect in that way.

There were also customers who got drunk and took off their clothes.

I would like you to consume alcohol on board moderately.

■ Passengers who do not care if they dirty the cabin

I think that the idea of using public places beautifully is ingrained in Japanese people. It is hard for Japanese people to believe, but it is a daily routine that the floor of the cabin is full of sweets and garbage, and that the toilet is flooded.

In both cases, we clean as much as possible. However, when cleaning toilets that are ruined with toilet paper on the floor, I feel empty. (laughs)

I am really grateful because Japanese customers use the cabin very beautifully.

The above three are troubled customer episodes that I relatively often encountered.

There are few Japanese customers like this, but it would be very helpful if you could be careful when you get on a plane. (laughs)

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