Why don’t you change your job? Why I continue CA even under corona disaster

Hello everyone. Shiloh works for a major Japanese airline. I was asked a question again today. “Why don’t you retire even with coronal disaster?” I will answer.

◼️ Current situation

As you know, the aviation industry has been in a tough situation since around spring 2020, when corona became popular. Some companies have gone bankrupt, and most have suspended or reduced flights.

There are a few of my friends who have been fired. I had a hard time with them on job hunting.

I think that some YouTubers who were flight attendants announced that they had retired one after another.

◼️ Why don’t you retire?

In the mean of this, if you ask me why I am not retiring, the answer is one. “Because I got the job I’ve always dreamed of.”

I didn’t have the option of quitting the job of flight attendant, which I had longed for since I was a child. So I intend to continue until I get a notice of layoff from the company!

When I got this job, I often heard that many CA retire because of the gap between imagination and reality.

Certainly, there was a gap with reality in the work of flight attendants. However, I think that the same can be said in any other industry. It’s all about things you don’t know if you don’t experience your work.

It would be boring if you originally knew what kind of work you will do and what kind of satisfaction you will feel. (laughs)

That’s why there is a gap, and it’s only a matter of quitting if the gap doesn’t suit me.

I felt a gap in this job, but the happiness and satisfaction of being in the job I admired won. This has allowed me to continue working.

On the other hand, I am grateful every day for continuing to work with the corona disaster.

It would be difficult to continue working if there are some turning points such as marriage and childbirth…

That’s how much I like this job!

◼️ This job

I feel like I’m lining up the beautiful things above, but please rest assured that it’s true (laughs)

I think that CA jobs are pretty hard work. You have to be physically and mentally tough to continue. However, if you think about why everyone has been going on for many years, I think it is because this job is more rewarding than difficult.

There are two main job tasks for flight attendants: service operations and security services.

Both can’t even get on a plane without rigorous training.

During training, I didn’t feel much of fun (laughs).

However, when the training was over and I worked with the customer on a real airplane, the feeling of anxiety disappeared, “It’s fun!” That feeling won.

I still feel that feeling every time I fly. That’s why I have no reason to retire.

◼️ Corona is over

Customers are returning on domestic flights, but international flights are a few. Some countries have restrictions on entry, and I think it’s unavoidable.

But I believe that the day will come when demand will return to the aviation industry. In fact, domestic flights that were a few around spring 2020 are now returning to their full seats. (There was also the effect of Go To Travel)

Even while talking with customers, I heard many voices such as “I want to go abroad soon” and “I miss my family”. I always hope that flights return to the daily life where you can have happy conversations.

And I hope that the day will come soon when I can return to a full flight for both domestic and international flights and stay in various locations.

I think the big pleasure of CA is a short holiday at the stay destination (laughs). CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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