I want to be a CA! But what should I do?

Hello everyone. Shiloh works for a major Japanese airline. I was asked a question again today. “What should high school students do to become a CA?” I will answer.

◼️ various roads

If I were to answer the above question now, I would say, “Enjoy high school life!” I feel like it is all.

Of course, there are many important things such as studying English and studying language. However, I feel that it is a little too much to decide the course when being the high school student.

After graduating from high school and entering a university or vocational school, you may find some different dream. If my dream of becoming a CA doesn’t change even after you enter university, that’s great.

It is a little severe, but there are many companies that have stopped recruiting CA due to corona disaster now. Therefore, if you have only studied to be a CA, it will not be wasted. However, I think that there is a possibility that other roads will be cut off.

So it is important not to concentrate on something specialized in CA from when being high school students! I think.

I think that it is necessary to put all one’s energy into study, love, school events, etc. now while keeping a view to the future.

◼️ Want to be CA after all

“Still, I definitely want to be CA!” I think that there are some people who have that feeling.

When I was a student, I didn’t feel like I wanted to be a CA, so I understand that you want to know what you should do… (laughs)

Therefore, I thought what skill can be used regardless of an industry as follows. (It is my own and prejudiced thought.) )


The first thing that comes to my brain is English.

Even if you work for a company that has only domestic flights, foreign passengers will always be on board. Much more, we use English on international flights.

And I think that there is a column for the score of TOEIC and English tests on the entry sheet no matter which airline you apply.

The number of points required is different for each company. However, I think that the eye of personnel can be attracted when the high score is written there.

In today’s global society, English is always needed in any industry. That’s why I feel it’s important to study hard without neglecting school classes.

I want to say to me in the past (laughs)

☆ Qualifications

I honestly don’t know what qualifications I need to become a CA. Some have various qualifications, while others have nothing.

However, I think that qualifications themselves will be advantageous in various industries.

So if you have time, I think it’s easy to get it when you’re a student.

○ Good qualifications to have

Secretary examination

Service assorted officer

Red Cross Emergency Law Emergency Staff

Sign language test

Examination of foreign languages other than English

It is important to study something that you have decided to do.

☆ Honorifics and manners

I don’t think there are many people who are using dirty language in CA (laughs), but I think there are people who are using the wrong Japanese (I’m also studying).

Some companies may require rough conversation, but most companies require clean language. That’s why if you use the wrong Japanese at the interview, the interviewer may think, “Does this person use clean Japanese in front of customers?”

I think that it will be easier later if you are used to beautiful language from when being high school students.

In addition, you have to care about actions that you usually do, such as posture and walking, when it comes to CA.

When I’m sitting in an airport or in a CA seat, I feel the customer’s gaze more than I think.

Don’t you feel sad when you see CA walking with an inner crotch or a crab crotch or sitting on a cat’s back …?

We must always be aware of the customer’s gaze, so it is easy to correct the posture.

I feel wonderful when I see a beautiful posture in everyday life.

☆ Communication skills

I think this is something that is cultivated in everyday life, but it is also one of CA’s jobs to have fun talking with customers.

Some companies have group discussions during interviews. Not limited to airlines.

Therefore, I think that the appearance of demonstrating communication skills and having fun conversations gives a good impression to the interviewer.

Also, the members of the flight may be different every time. Therefore, it is necessary to have the communication skills that we have cultivated so far.

If you don’t have a good team, you can’t provide good service to your customers. Therefore, if you always have the feeling of demonstrating leadership and enjoying conversation, I think that you can continue to work fun even after becoming a CA.

◼️ summary

I wrote it at length, but as I wrote at the beginning, it is best to enjoy high school life!

However, if you want to do something, I think that it is good to try the above.

However, what I think now is that it would be more fun to live thinking about various career paths when you are a student.

I think it’s important to work on various things not only for CA, but also with a light feeling that it will be useful in the future.

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