Can I do CA while raising children? Is it possible to balance flights? What are the benefits?

Hello everyone. I’m hika who works for a major Japanese airline. I was asked a question today. “Can I do CA while raising children?” I will answer.

Even if you can become the CA you admire, don’t you think it’s impossible to balance parenting and flight? CA’s work is irregular and we have to make up our house.

When I was single, I also thought it would be hard to do CA. However, in fact, I continue to be CA as a mother of one child.

This time, I would like to introduce how Mama CA balances child rearing and flight, and its ingenuity and merits.

■ First of all, from securing a child-caring place!

The important thing that must be done during maternity leave period with expectations and anxiety, is to secure the following places for child-caring.

Nursery school (day-care center)


Family support

Close relatives such as husbands and parents

We will thoroughly consider the child-caring place that is right for each situation during the maternity leave. If you leave it at a nursery school, does it provide dinner (important!)? Please check the characteristics of the school and visit if they care children even during a sudden extension of your work. Depending on the company, babysitting is cheaper. It is good to gather information from the mama CA around you.

■ What to do when you are sick?

Even if you have secured the child-caring place, the child will get sick immediately anyway, such as with sudden fever and vomiting. At first, you will be often called by the nursery school. It would be nice if it happens in a day off, but you need to think about what to do in advance if the kid gets sick while you are on a flight or a stay.

In my case, I registered with a private sick child sitter. Please note that if you do not make a reservation from an early stage, the popular place will be sold out. It was not so cheap price(crying) I thought it was a safe fee.

In addition, my husband took a break from work and my mother-in-law rushed to my house to support me.

■Irregular work

As you know, CA life is very irregular.

For the early morning flight, I get up softly at a time close to midnight or early in the morning, and go out with my back hair pulled by my child’s sleeping face. On the other hand, at midnight, when dinner is finally over, I head to the airport to face the rush hour.

The above is an extreme example, but in fact, the time of departure and the time of leaving the office are different every time when working as a CA. My company has a final schedule at the end of the month. As soon as I confirm, I will:

・Write a schedule on the calendar and share it with my husband.

・ Mark the day when the husband is in charge of the pick-up and greet, and check if my husband’s business trip overlaps my flight.

・Extend the notification to the nursery school (ask for dinner).

・Inform both mothers of my schedules and prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

■Preparations for emptying the house

International flights will keep you away home for a few days, so you need to prepare what you need in advance. I think that each thing you need is different from home to home, but I will introduce the case of my home.

・ Prepare belongings for nursery schools and transfer lessons.

When children are small, a lot of clothes need to be changed, so it is recommended to have as many clothes as possible. It’s different if you have a husband who likes washing (laughs)

・Keep the stock of daily necessities as much as possible. My husband can’t get around that much because of unfamiliar childcare!

・ Purchase necessary ingredients by the day beforehand. If you can afford it, make one or two side dish that lasts a day. I’ll leave the rest to my husband.

At first I was enthusiastic about creating a lot, but I was frustrated immediately (laughs)

I couldn’t do it, but there is also a super mom CA that makes all the meals while she is away. Others do not make meals, almost eat out, leave it to the sitters and parents, etc., and everyone is in various styles.

Let’s find a way to continue with trial and error.

■ What are the benefits of Mama CA?

You may have thought that it might be difficult to continue to be CA, but there are many benefits unique to Mama CA.

・ You can relax at the hotel while staying.

You will be relieved of the stress of not being able to have your own time due to childcare and not being able to sleep slowly. (Stress on flights is another matter… Wry smile)

・ You can enjoy delicious food and sake with your fellow crew in a local area.

It is a valuable time because it is difficult to go out drinking if you have children. Recently, the opportunity has gone away due to Corona (crying).

・ You can enjoy shopping unique to moms.

Overseas baby products and children’s clothes are cheap and cute, so it is recommended. The designs are not those in Japan, so I buy too much (laughs)

・ I’m not afraid to travel by plane with children!

I have been traveling by air since my child was very small. You can enjoy without anxiety.

How did you like the above?

It can be difficult to continue to be CA while raising children, but depending on the ingenuity and support around you, it will be somehow easy. I think the important thing is to make sure in advance how your husband or partner will cooperate.

While I am away from home on the flight, I might make my child feel a little lonely. When I am together with my child, I pour out a lot of love.

Someday, I want to take my child to the flight I’m on and see me work.

CA Talk is looking for questions from everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask questions from the question page.

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